March 6, 2017–March 7, 2017

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Wichita, KS

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Only @ USD 1199
Till 28th Feb 2017 (EBD)
DevOps training helps you with an in-depth understanding of those concepts. According to Wikipedia information, “Agile and DevOps are similar, but the contrast in a few important aspects. Agile speaks a change in thinking, though DevOps really actualizes hierarchical cultural change”.
Enroll now for DevOps and get below key benefits from Graspskills
• 24 hours of training led online classroom training
• 20 hours of live project and involving implementation of the various DevOps tools
• 25 hours of project assignments in addition concepts
• 16 PDUs certificate/Course completion
• Life time online access from Graspskills
Upcoming March Dates
On 10th – 24th Mar
On 20th – 24th Mar
For more course schedule, please visit www.graspskills.com
• DevOps history and background
• The key success factors for DevOps, including quality, repeatability, and reliability
• How to build a culture of collaboration between Dev and Ops, including how to recognize trusted and suspicion in your organization
• System Development Cycle
• Why short feedback loops are essential for effective software systems today
• Why software operability is a key enabler for DevOps and Continuous Delivery
• How to collaborate for effective operability
• The relationship between DevOps and other approaches such as Agile, Waterfall, ITIL, etc.
• How different teams view agile practices such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, and why this is important.
• How to distinguish different DevOps team structures and how to choose a structure suitable for your organization
• Other methodologies in Software Development
There is no specific prerequisites are assumed; however, attendees are expected to have some experience with software builds, deployments, and automated testing.
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