August 20, 2016 6:30pm–8:30pm

National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician and Med Student Suicide

Dupont Circle Fountain

Dupont Circle Fountain

Washington, D.C. 20036

We lose an estimated 400 physicians to suicide every year. On this day we will stand together in solidarity to say ‘no more.’ The “National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide” is an event occurring in 12 cities nationwide including Washington, D.C. Please join us to show those suffering in silence that they are not alone, start conversations to create change within our medical schools and hospitals, and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives. Speakers will give their stories and poems. There will be an open mic and candlelight vigil to remember those who have lost their lives to suicide. Dr. Pamela Wible, who wrote the 2014 Washington Post article, “When doctors commit suicide, it’s often hushed up” and who has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR will be speaking. Additionally, the event will be filmed as part of the film “Do No Harm.” If you are part of the medical community, please wear your white coat. If you are not, please wear a white shirt. Signs and candles will be provided by event organizers.


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