November 17, 2016–November 18, 2016

The film Metropolis with a live music underscore by Tom Teasley


1835 14th Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20009

(Washington, DC) Constellation Theatre Company is pleased to present the filmMetropolis by Fritz Lang for 5 performances on November 16-19 at SOURCE 1835 14th St. NW. Tickets range from $20-$45 and can be purchased online atwww.constellationtheatre.org or over the phone at 202.204.7741. World Percussionist & Educator Tom Teasley will perform an original score during the screenings, followed by a discussion and a brief musical encore. Run time: 75 minutes.
The film was released in Germany’s reconstructive years following WW1, and not only served as commentary on Germany’s political state but a foreshadow of Germany’s future. The visuals of Metropolis were unprecedented in Germany at the time, and were inspired by Lang’s trip New York in the 20s. This highly urbanized city feel was new and foreign to Germany. Dazzling, yet sinister, visual imagery of a futuristic utopia will be enhanced by Tom’s sensational live music.


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