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Ward 1 residents are asking questions and sharing some concerns about a new transitional housing facility slated for construction in a currently vacant lot at 10th and V streets NW.

The new housing facility near the U Street corridor was announced yesterday in D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s plan to close DC General. When fully constructed by 2018, the new units near the U Street corridor (2105-2107 10th St. NW) will house approximately 30 families and will include playground and recreation space, a computer lab for residents, a common dining area and ongoing support services and programming for families.

But some residents — namely those that live nearby — seem to be wary of the deal. (more…)

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Capitol CannashowCanna-fans will gather downtown next Saturday to swap ideas and celebrate the one year anniversary of the legalization of marijuana in D.C.

During the convention, dubbed the “Capitol CannaShow,” attendees will be able to hear from such speakers as Capitol Hemp owner and weed activist Adam Eidinger and Charlo Greene, the activist and businesswoman who famously quit her news reporter job on live television.

Before and after the speakers’ presentations, guests can learn about the D.C. medical marijuana program or dive into the world of wine, food and cannabis pairings. (more…)

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1100 block of Kenyon Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)A man was robbed at gunpoint in Columbia Heights last night, police said.

The armed robbery happened on the 1100 block of Kenyon Street NW about 8 p.m. Tuesday. The block includes Tubman Elementary School.

The victim was in the area when two men approached him from behind, according to authorities. One of the men then put a handgun to the back of the victim’s head.


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Tortas from Torta Cocina, photo courtesy of

In a move that’s sure to confuse fans of the ubiquitous “Taco Tuesday,” Songbyrd Record Cafe has made its torta pop-up a permanent fixture on Mondays.

Former Big Bear chef and current Cocina Tortas owner Quinten Frye will prepare Mexican Tortas, finger foods and desserts at Songbyrd Record  Cafe (2477 18th St. NW) every Monday from 5-10 p.m.

“Cocina Tortas proved to be such a hit that Songbyrd and Quinten will now team up weekly,” reads a press release. (more…)

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A shop stocked with organic juice and tonics is set to arrive on U Street tomorrow.

Jinsei Juice will officially open a temporary storefront in the former Fit To Be Tan space at 1626 U Street NW tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., according to company partner Theresa Weber. (more…)

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Trouble Funk performs at the 9:30 Club in 2015 (Photo via Facebook/9:30 Club/Lisa Walker)

The Story Behind 9:30 Club’s New TV Show — “Live at 9:30,” the forthcoming PBS television series filmed at the 9:30 Club, was years in the making as owner Seth Hurwitz worked to bring a show to the music venue that would capture what he called the “special magic that happens” there between the bands and the audience. [Washington Post]

At-Large Council Candidate Garber Attacks Councilmember OrangeAt-large Council candidate David Garber, who is running against incumbent Vincent Orange, is handing out palm cards that call on voters to “turn the page on [the] out of touch priorities” of the sitting councilmember. [Washington City Paper]

How a D.C. Native Became the Chef of Mulebone on 14th Street — D.C. native Joseph Paire got the job to lead the kitchen of Eatonville reboot Mulebone after winning a cooking competition hosted by owner Andy Shallal. The restaurant at 2121 14th St. NW is slated to open Friday. [Washington City Paper]

Dupont Yarn Shop Owner Talks of Knitting Renaissance — Jessica Boudreau, a co-owner of Looped Yarnworks at 1732 Connecticut Ave. NW, told WTOP that grandmas aren’t the only fans of knitting anymore. “We get everyone from older people, like grandmothers knitting for their grandkids, to college students who buy their supplies to knit Christmas presents so their friends all get fun hats, or to de-stress when they’re doing finals,” she said. “Or there are people like me, I’m just a mid-thirties girl.” [WTOP]

Photo via Facebook/9:30 Club/Lisa Walker

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The Super Bowl commercial that had Mike Tyson singing the Michael and Son jingle also starred some local talent: a bartender from Madam’s Organ (2461 18th St. NW).

Sam Crossed, who works at the Adams Morgan bar and moonlights as a real-life professional boxer, is the man laid out by Iron Mike in the 30-second advertisement.

“It’s almost like I hit the lottery, honestly,” Crossed said of his big role. (more…)

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Post Pub reopened Feb 9

The Post Pub is once again open after a food safety and hygiene inspector reported it had an “infestation of vermin” and issues with its plumbing and refrigerators last week.

The Post Pub at 1422 L St. NW reopened today after it was closed by the D.C. Department of Health last Thursday. The restaurant passed a follow-up health department inspection, allowing it to serve customers again. (more…)

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City squirrels have hard lives. Long hours spent outdoors. Nothing to eat but acorns and tree bark. Constant harassment from urban hawks.

It’s not surprising, then, that one might want to curl up with a good read and just chill out for once.

This tree rodent was spotted lugging a large wad of newsprint up the side of a house on P Street NW yesterday afternoon. While several onlookers held their breath, the squirrel perilously tugged its prize up a black metal fire escape and out of view. (more…)

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Restaurant diners

(Updated at 8 a.m. Wednesday) D.C. restaurant owners should watch the mail for a letter from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to avoid a potentially unpleasant experience.

More than 1,100 restaurants, hotels, theaters, museums, trains, boats, clubs and caterers that serve booze in the District are scheduled to receive liquor license renewal applications in the mail this week, according to ABRA. If the businesses don’t have the paperwork filled out and return it to the agency by March 31, they face cancellation of their licenses and a $50-per-day fine starting April 1. But the fines wouldn’t exceed the cost of their licenses.

“More than half of all alcoholic beverage licenses will need to be renewed by the end of next month,” ABRA director Fred Moosally said in a statement. “We strongly encourage businesses to turn in completed applications as soon as possible. This will help both business owners and the agency to avoid long lines at the end of March.”


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Adams Morgan

Mount Pleasant’s Bicycle Commuters — More than 20 percent of locals in Mount Pleasant, Petworth and Bloomingdale commute to work on bicycles, according to the District Department of Transportation. [Greater Greater Washington]

Rebellion’s ‘Anti-Speakeasy’ on 18th Street — Don’t call The Armory a speakeasy when the bar opens below Rebellion (1836 18th St. NW) on Feb. 17. “We want it to be almost the anti-speakeasy, where it’s very approachable and you feel comfortable,” owner Brian Westlye said. [Washington City Paper]

Hawthorne Begins Dinner Service on U Street — Hawthorne at 1336 U St. NW now has dinner. [Washingtonian]

Early Reviews of Left Door Near 14th Street — Tom Brown’s Left Door bar at 1345 S St. NW generally is getting favorable reviews online. [DC Eater]


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