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UPDATE: Jack Jacobson, ANC 2B04 also recapped the August 6 Borderstan community meeting at his blog.

The community safety meeting held on Wednesday was a great success.


  • Jack Evans – DC Coucilmember, Ward 2
  • Jack Jacobson, ANC 2B-04
  • Charles Reed, ANC 2F-01
  • Victor Wexler, ANC 2B-05
  • Asst. Chief Diane Groomes, Metropolitan Police Department
  • Lt. Erich Miller, Metropolitan Police Department, Second District
  • Inspector Edward Delgado, Metropolitan Police Department, Third District
  • Several police officers from both the Second and Third Districts
  • More than 70 community members

Mr. Evans, Asst. Chief Groomes, Jack Jacobson, and Charles Reed offered the opening remarks for the meeting, and Julie Pock, gave a brief background regarding the inception of Borderstan.

Asst Chief Groomes

Asst Chief Groomes

Asst. Chief Groomes discussed her personal history with our neighborhood. She had worked here as a Lieutenant here and spent a lot of time working with the community to clean up the area of drug traffickers and other criminals.Asst. Chief Groomes is aware of the challenges faced in Borderstan and knows that they can be overcome with the joint efforts of the community and MPD.

Lt. Miller patrols the 2nd MPD. He discussed his strong commitment to the Borderstan area.He mentioned that the second police district currently has 3 officers dedicated to patrol Borderstan, and that there is a proposed addition of 2 more officers to come.Lt. Miller indicated that he has asked to foot patrol officers responsible for the 17th Street corridor to expand this patrol to include 16th Street.Lt. Miller also discussed the creation of regular weekly meetings between Police Service Areas 208 and 307 for the purposes of exchanging information regarding activities and operations in the area.

Inspector Delgado, of the 3rd MPD indicated that there is ongoing undercover police activity, as well as the involvement of the Crime Suppression Unit, currently in place focusing on the drug activity around the 1400 block of R Street.

Both the Second and Third District police representatives indicated that they have used light towers in our area to successfully deter crime.

The floor was opened up to questions and concerns from the community. The majority of the discussion<span revolved around the many issues facing the community – drug activity, thefts from automobiles, robberies, homeless issues such as public sleeping, urination, and drug use, and illegal parking.

Following the question from the community, a list of goals for the Borderstan Community was read , and it was requested that specific actions to be taken and commitments be made regarding these issues.

Council member Evans proposed a follow-up meeting in 2 months to provide accountability and feedback.

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We wanted to give you a quick update on a few things:

  1. Most recent crime report from Officer Mike Smith, PSA 208 (as always report is for all of Borderstan)
  2. News about two recent crimes, on in Borderstan and one just beyond our borders.
  3. Summary of new public safety measures instituted by the police in East Borderstan/PSA 307.
  4. Reminder: Public safety meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m.
  5. Borderstan’s northern border has changed.

Borderstan Crime Report
The three most recent Borderstan Crime Reports are in the attached document (most recent one first). This will allow you to look at trends going back to June 8. Here is Officer Mike Smith’s summary for the two-week period that ended Sunday (the chart will stats is in the attached document):

  • Property crimes continue to plague the area, especially theft from autos.
  • Violent crimes have taken a noticeable downturn over the last four weeks. Only one robbery was reported this period and it occurred in the 1400 Blk of R St.
  • Please remove GPS units and brackets, IPODS and their chargers, laptops and anything else of value from vehicle even if only parking for a short time. These three items are the primary targets of thieves in the area.
  • If you have any questions/comments please contact me at [email protected]. — Officer Mike Smith

Three Recent Crimes

  1. There were three notable crimes recently. The first was an 11 p.m. burglary in Borderstan. An intruder gained access to the fourth-floor deck of a row house, opened an unlocked window and entered the apartment of the woman living there. She was not hurt, but some items were stolen. What is notable is that the intruder gained access to the building through an adjoining building that was not properly secured. Two things you should ask yourself: First, does an intruder have access to my home through a neighboring property? Are any of the properties abandoned… undergoing construction… or improperly secured in anyway, especially in the rear. Second, are the windows and doors of upper floors in my building properly secured? Don’t leave windows and doors unlocked even if they are on upper floors — especially if you do not have iron bars.
  2. The second crime had more serious consequences and occurred on the 1400-block of Swan Street NW, just over the northern Borderstan boundary. Here is a description of the crime from Lt. Erich Miller of the MPD’s 3rd District: “On 7/30/08 at 2205 hours a 41-year-old complainant reported that he observed the suspect running towards him. The suspect then struck him with a black colored gun across his head. The complainant suffered lacerations to his forehead and lost consciousness. He was taken to MedStar in stable condition. Stolen was a wallet, drivers license and various credit cards. There is a lookout for a B/M, 20’s, wearing dark clothing. The case is being investigated by the Third District.”
  3. The third crime is reported by Sgt. David Terestre, PSA 307/3rd District: “On Saturday August 2, 2008, there was a strong-arm robbery that took place on the 1600 Block of R Street, the female victim was struck with a fist and the juvenile assailant fled to the 1400 Block of R Street with her IPhone. Later that day, I had my 307 evening units meet me on the 1400 Block of 14th Street to serve a warrant. Officer McKenna spotted an individual that matched the suspect’s description. Upon seeing the police, he fled into 1416 14th Street building to the fourth floor. Officers McKenna and Hollan caught him with the IPhone on his person. Through these officers knowledge of the area and quick actions, they closed this violent robbery case within an hour.”

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