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From Matt Rhoades

ATM Skimming Warning on P Street

You know the warnings you see at ATMs? The ones that tell you to cover the key pad when punching in your pin number… to make sure no one is watching from behind? Or maybe you’ve read about those devices that thieves put on ATM machines that read your card information and steal your PIN?

MetroWeekly has a story about an ATM on the 1400 block of P Street NW: “Wachovia, a Wells Fargo company, is asking customers of that P Street branch in the heart of one of the District’s de facto gay villages – or anyone who may have used the ATM at the location in recent weeks – to check their account records for fraudulent activity. ‘I can confirm that there was a skimming incident at this location that has been discovered and is now being investigated,’ says Aimee Worsley, a Wachovia spokesperson.”


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dcist has a slide show of some the visiting Teabaggers (yes, I still laugh about the use of the term), birthers and such on the National Mall on Saturday. We saw a handful of the visitors (we identified them by their hats and shirts) walking on the 1400-block of P Street NW last night in front of Halo and Stoney’s. My guess is that they were mystified by the site of… oh, a bunch of things… most likely by the fact that all kinds of people manage to get along with one another.

Over at the blog, Who Murdered Robert Wone?… is there a potentially huge new development in the case?

The report of the special committee of ANC 2F-Logan Circle on the Arts Overlay zone for the 14th and U Streets corridors is covered and analyzed… Mr. 14th & You has covered the process all along (with several very good postings) and was a member of the committee. In addition, Greater Greater Washington has also covered the process and weighs in with an analysis of the committee report.

I picked this up up from Loose Lips at the Washington City Paper: “Capitol Hill family wants to raise chickens in their backyard. City says no way. But WTTG-TV reports that the family is ‘working with the office of DC Councilmember Tommy Wells to try to get the law changed.’ ” I will admit that if the economy gets any worse, I may consider some chickens for our back garden.

And a nod to Real World DC: “September 8: Cast member Ashley now bartends at McFaddens near GW…. BREAKING: September 8: Cast member Erika reportedly quits and leaves.”

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“The guys that brought us U St. hangout Local 16 are about to make a foray onto 14th St. with Local 14, to be located at 1832 4th Street (next to the L&N Thrift Store).” (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

A big thanks to 14th & You for their posting on new restaurants headed for 14th Street NW:

New Pizza Place, American Restaurant For 14th Street; New Wine Bar Headed to U Street. “My, aren’t Logan and U Street busy these days? We’ve received a number of requests recently regarding the status of some of the new bars/restaurants that are looking to set up shop in the area.”

Read posting.

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Good morning, Borderstan. A few things from other blogs and online that caught my eye… as I sat around drinking coffee at my mom’s house.

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Let’s take a break from The Real World: DC and DC Council crime bills… and head over to the blog, 14th & You. The folks there had a posting Tuesday (“Partner of ANC Commissioner Attempts to Scuttle Saint-Ex Agreement; Goes After Policy Employees”) about the brouhaha over Cafe Saint-Ex, Bar Pilar and Policy on 14th Street NW, and the role of ANC 2B-09 Commissioner Ramon Estrada and his partner. (For background, it helps to first read the blog’s postings from June 6 and April 24.)

This story, as reported by 14th & You, is actually about more than just these three establishments on 14th Street NW. It is about our local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, city government, regulation of local businesses, liquor licenses, voluntary agreements and privacy issues–and how our city treats small business owners in general.

The story raises questions about all these issues, and they warrant discussion  in our neighborhood and our city. It is a discussion that is long past due. welcomes comments (even some guest postings) from ANC commissioners (including Mr. Estrada), community groups, city officials and residents of the DupontLogan area.

From 14th & You: “Partner of ANC Commissioner Attempts to Scuttle Saint-Ex Agreement; Goes After Policy Employees”



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