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Robert Wone, Swann Street NW, Borderstan

1509 Swann Street NW is the house where Robert Wone was murdered on Aug. 2, 2006. It was sold by the owners who also lived there at the time of the murder. That purchaser put it on the market earlier this summer and it sold on July 29.

Robert Wone was murdered on August 2, 2006, in a townhouse at 1509 Swann Street NW. To date no one has ever been charged with his death. The three residents of the house were charged with obstruction of justice in the case, but were acquitted in a bench trial last year.

Wone’s widow filed a $20 million wrongful death civil suit against the three men of Swann Street, but yesterday a settlement was reached on the fifth anniversary of his death.

The house on Swann Street was sold in June 2008 by the three owner-residents. The purchaser had put the house on the market again earlier this summer, and Redfin says it sold on July 29 for $1.495 million. The sales history of 1509? In May 2002 it went for $799,000, then sold for $1.276 million in Apri 2005 before fetching $1.475 million in June 2008, just $20,000 less than the most recent sale.

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The 1500-block of Swann Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

The Washington Post has a two-part story on the August 2006 murder of Robert Wone at 1509 Swann Street NW. You can even listen to the 911 call to police on the night of Wone’s murder.

Sunday’s article is “The Robert Wone Stabbing: Anatomy of a Murder Case; Authorities Think Housemates Killed the Lawyer in a Dupont Circle Home, but Proof Is Elusive.”

Earlier Borderstan postings:

You can read an affidavit in the case (PDF) that was filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on Oct. 27, 2008, when Dylan Ward was arrested for obstruction of justice. There is some incredible and horrifying information in the document; if you have been following this case and want to learn more, be sure to read the affidavit.

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It is surely the most famous modern-day D.C. murder that happened oh-so-close to Borderstan: the Aug. 3, 2006, murder of attorney Robert Wone. It happened on the 1500-block of Swann Street NW, just one street above Borderstan’s northern border of S Street.
The unsolved murder has garnered so much coverage–due to the strange circumstances of the […]

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There is a new legal development in the Robert Wone murder case from 2006. Wone was found stabbed to death in a house on the 1500-block of Swann Street NW in August 2006. The Washington Blade has the story in today’s print edition:

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In case you somehow missed it… new developments last week in the 2006 murder of Robert Wone on the 1500-block of Swann Street NW:

“3 Indicted In Alleged Coverup of D.C. Killing” (The Washington Post, November 21)
“Bail request dropped for men charged in Wone murder; Price, Zaborsky plead not guilty to obstruction of justice” (Washington Blade, November […]

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WaPo: Update on 2006 Swann Street Murder (w/ Affidavit)


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