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"Borderstan""14th Street NW" "People Walking", Luis Gomez Photos

14th and T Streets NW: Cheer up, it's already Wednesday and the weather is supposed to be great. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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No Resolution to Last Year’s Metro Deaths

Washington Examiner looks into the still mysterious death of Lou Stancari, found last year at the Farragut North metro station. After a dinner in his neighborhood of Capitol Hill, his fare card was swiped at Dupont Circle. Everything else is mystery, including what and/or who inflicted the blunt force trauma that was ruled the cause of death. Was it a drunken stumble, an assault, a suicide attempt or other foul play? His friends are confused and frustrated with the investigation.

It is a bizarre death that is made even odder by its similarity to the death of Benoy Chacko, who was ruled an accident. Investigators in that case think he decided to walk along the tracks and was clipped by a passing train. In a system that is attempting to better prevent and handle fatalities, these investigations do not bring much hope or optimism to 2012. Is anyone else surprised that there is not video evidence, or video surveillance at all, of either of these events?


Mixed case design comes to street signs near you (or not). Mike DeBonis at the Post outlines the reason for the gradual roll-out of the mixed case (both upper and lower case, as opposed to the previous all caps design) signs — President Obama had to step in to prevent localities from rioting over the costs and tight deadline to switch out signs. DC can now replace the signs at their own pace, which DDOT indicates will be slow. They will replace the signs as needed, and the shelf life of a street sign is about 10 years.

Rush Limbaugh: “This Mary Cheh Babe” = Sexist Liar?

That’s the opinion of a few after reviewing Rush Limbaugh’s comment about Councilwoman Mary Cheh today. He referrred to her as ‘babe,’ which brought out Media Matters. They have previously been on his case for using the term to dismiss and diminish a number of powerful, intelligent women. The The Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis reports his tirade on the misrepresentation of a bill that would ‘relocate’ rat families found by exterminators to the state. He also incorrectly identifies Cheh as the “woman behind the DC plastic bag tax;” she was a supporter, but not the original author. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II was the interview guest, who is standing by his characterization of the bill after a response from Cheh (all in the article). So, Rush Limbaugh may or may not be a liar. But he doesn’t seem to think much of women.


You may recall the incident at the U Street metro station last year, where a man in a wheelchair was thrown to the ground by Metro Transit Police. The Transit Police said the man, Dwight Harris, was intoxicated and disruptive. What you may not know is that another man, Lawrence Miller, was arrested for inciting violence after asking the police what they were doing and soliciting aid for his friend. 9 News Now reports that those charges were dropped, but now Miller is suing, with ACLU assistance, for violating his First Amendment right to free speech and expression. WMATA doesn’t comment on these type of legal matters, so I guess we will wait to hear their defense in court or in settlement papers.

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Garden District, Logan Circle, 14th Street NW

Garden District at 14th and S Streets NW will not reopen this spring. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Garden District Won’t Reopen This Spring

A hat tip to 14th & You for reporting that Garden District won’t reopen for business this spring after owner Joe Carmack posted the news on the store’s website. The business was in bankruptcy in November 2009, but Carmack reorganized and moved the store across the street to the current location last year. The original location was the site of the soon-to-be Standard hamburger place on the northeast corner of 14th and S Streets. (Garden District also briefly had an indoor plant store where Estadio is now located, at 14th and Church.) A certain member of the Borderstan team reports that he will sorely miss being able to walk over to 14th and pick up plants for his garden. Garden District was open for 10 years.

Worst Week in Washington, Solved? Mayor Gray Decides Background Checks Needed

By all accounts, the Gray Administration has had a tough week or two between vehicles, terminations and police in tiny buildings. We applaud his move, reported by the Post, to now require background checks for political hires. Or, in their words, “it is clear that the approach was not thorough enough to address all relevant issues and questions for Excepted Service appointments.”



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