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Feral cats are almost never suited to becoming housecats.

From Tori Tyree

Well, it’s officially summertime in D.C. Most people know this is true because of the higher temperatures and the long wait times for outside dining. However, the people who work in animal shelters know this is true because it’s “kitten season.”

So, I want to shift gears this week from my regular columns and talk about something that we all too often forget: As pet owners, I believe we all have a responsibility to care for all animals, not just the ones living under our roof.

I don’t think I have to educate most people about the importance of spaying and neutering your own pets. Being responsible has already become the cool thing to do these days, but what about all the feral cats living in your alley? This is why it’s now kitten season.

In a mind-boggling study on exploding cat populations, one unspayed female cat could be responsible for the creation of more than 33,000 cats within five years. In D.C. there is a group called Alley Cat Allies that helps people set up Trap-Neuter-Return programs.

Feral cats have colonies, and for the most part, these colonies stay in one area and support the same cats every year. New cats try to come in, but the colony of cats makes them leave because there isn’t enough food to support more animals. However, once one is taken out or leaves, another can come to take its place.



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