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Detail of Amy Flatten’s work. (Elizabeth Grazioli)

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Last Thursday, February 7, was the latest opening at Art17 at Coldwell Banker on 17th Street. This month, the work of local artist Amy Flatten will be featured. Flatten’s art brings the perfect amount of color to the white office walls and brick interior of the basement space.

Her works are extreme abstractions of every day reality. Flatten, a scientist, believes that her art is a way to use the part of her brain that she is not able to utilize at her day job; she expresses what she sees in her imagination through art.


Amy Flatten’s Work. (Elizabeth Grazioli)

Flatten’s works are slightly monochromatic with hints of color and lines to give some form to the objects that she attempts to recreate on canvas. Her color palettes are softer hues that are very tranquil — the colors lend nicely to the space. One work, in particular, that stands out is a piece on the second floor of the gallery. Its unique color palette and technique is unlike the rest of Flatten’s work.

Flatten says that her inspirations are every day objects and experiences. Color resonates well with her and translates on the canvas a very cohesive way.

Flatten’s work, which is ideal for an empty living room or office space, will be up through the end of the month at Art17.


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