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Five smartphone apps for the urbanite. (Luis Gomez Photos)

In today’s smartphone marketplace there really is an app for everything. I have apps to check the news, the Nationals scores, when the Metrobus is coming and my bank account balance. There might also be an app on my phone that I use to annoy my cat. (Meow!)

This abundance of app options holds true for the modern-day urban dweller. Living in a metropolitan area offers a person a myriad of everyday eating, shopping, and event opportunities. With a smartphone and the right set of apps, you can take advantage of everything urban living has to offer.

Apps for Every Urbanite

Check out these apps that every urbanite should have on their smartphone.

ParkMe: Finding a parking space in Washington DC requires intuition, perseverance, and lots of luck. Fortunately, there’s an app that takes some of that luck out of the equation. ParkMe uses real-time parking data to help drivers find available parking spaces nearest to their location. The app helps users find availability and pricing for on- and off-street parking, including parking garages.  Download: Free (iPhone)

iCommute DC: Like the OJ verdict, we all remember where we were the day the NextBus DC app stopped working. We all stared blankly at the “No Prediction” message on our phones in dismay. Thankfully, the app that predicts Metro bus and train times has been resurrected and renamed iCommute DC. Predicting bus arrival seems futile, iCommute DC at least gives you a fighting chance. Download: Free (iPhone)

Seamless: You’re hungry, but you don’t want to cook. You have a smartphone, but you don’t want to actually call anyone to order takeout. You’re in luck my lazy friend, because there’s an app that’s perfect for this exact situation. Seamless provides users the ability to order food for deliver or takeout from over 12,000 restaurants in 40 cities nationwide (With nearly 500 in DC alone!). Use the app to browse restaurants by cuisine, neighborhood, or even zip code. Download: Free (iPhone), Free (Android), Free (Blackberry)

Scoutmob: Scoutmob is all about local; local events, local food, and especially, local deals. Members of the Scoutmob team visit local stores and restaurants, and handpick deals based on their personal experiences. And the best part? You don’t need to purchase a coupon to receive any of these deals. All that’s required is your smartphone and some spontaneity. Download: Free (iPhone), Free (Android), Free (Blackberry)

Matchbook: You forgot the name of that new restaurant you walked by last weekend, didn’t you? No worries. The Matchbook app is here to help. Matchbook replaces your notepad and bookmarks restaurants and bars that you’ve been meaning to check out. The app also lets you share locations with your friends, so finding your next happy-hour spot will be as easy as checking your phone. Download: Free (iPhone)

Feel free to add to the list.

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