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Bei Bei, photo courtesy of National Zoo

Do you like the National Zoo’s prized new panda, Bei Bei?

Be honest.

Do you care about that panda? Do you care when it sneezes? Do you care that it now weighs nearly 10 pounds? Do you watch the panda cam at work? Do you care about it? Do you? Do you?

We had a thought this morning — perhaps a little more panda coverage on Borderstan wouldn’t be a bad thing. Perhaps you’d like to be updated as the panda cub matures into a much larger panda … creature. Perhaps you’d like to read about when it tumbles through the snow for the first time or when it meets a major celebrity.

Then again, perhaps you’re sick of hearing about the panda. Perhaps you think the panda is a nuisance in your newsfeed. Perhaps you’d rather see less of the furry little ball.

So, let’s put it to a vote. Panda yeah or panda nah? You tell us. And if you feel especially passionate, let us know why you feel that way in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of National Zoo

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National Zoo Web Zoo.)

It’s free, but you must sign up in advance for the National Zoo’s “Woo at the Zoo” event on February 12. (Photo: National Zoo Web site.)

From On the Red Line:

The National Zoo is holding a free Valentine’s Day-themed event on February 12th. “Woo at the Zoo” will focus on the mating behaviors of the zoo’s inhabitants. There will be free snacks on hand and a cash bar. All participants will also receive a free long-stemmed rose and a Valentine treat.The event will be from 6:30 or 8:30 PM in the zoo’s visitor center auditorium. Although the event is free, you need to register in advance to reserve your space.


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