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Borderstan Movie Fan movie reviews Mary Burganby Mary Burgan

Mary the Borderstan Movie Fan is back with some new movie reviews for the snowbound residents of Borderstan. Her normally column runs every two weeks and previous reviews are listed at the end.

Like most of us in the neighborhood, I have been pinned down by the snow and the cold. I did manage to get away the week before the big snow, going to Memphis on business and deciding to stop over on the weekend for a night in Chicago to see some grandchildren (and their parents).

That stopover turned into three nights, and although I saw a great movie while waiting for the kids to come home from school on Friday, I did find myself taking the boys to Avatar on Saturday afternoon when it became clear that all the airports in Washington were closed indefinitely. My second viewing of Avatar, with a second set of grandchildren did not incline me to take back the praise I gave it before.

The new film was one I viewed alone in my son’s living room, and it caused me to gasp out loud and then to weep. My daughter-in-law was startled when she came home and found me all choked up. The film was United 93, an award-winning film made in 2006.



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