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15th Street NW, Borderstan

15th Street NW. (Borderstan)

By Michelle Lancaster. She wants your news, follow her on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Former Mayor Takes Job in Dupont

The next big crowd you see at Shake Shack may not be the FLOTUS, but could very well be former Mayor Adrian Fenty. NBC Washington reports he’s taken a position at a boutique law firm in Dupont Circle as ‘special counsel.’ Fenty has had no shortage of positions since leaving office, NBC’s count has this newly announced position as job #6.

To Ballston or Not to Ballston…

According to Greater Greater Washington, that is not the question at all with the development of condo buildings at the intersections of 14th Street, U Street and Wallach Street. The heart of the question seems to be over the size (story wise) and the lack of a setback from the sidewalk proposed by the builders. While I’m no defender of the sedate, mass-produced concrete jungle that is Ballston, it does seem hard to believe that a six story building would create such shade issues that would warrant stopping the project.



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