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From Kent Barnes. Follow him on Twitter @KentBarnes, email him at kent[AT]borderstan.com.

Stead Park is one of the many places perfect for a pick-up game of wiffle ball. (Borderstan)

Stead Park is one of the many places perfect for a pick-up game of wiffle ball. (Borderstan)

You may want to sit down for this. I’m serious, you really might faint. Are you ready?  Okay… here goes.

The Sandlot” turned 20-years-old on Sunday.

I promised myself I wouldn’t start to feel old until I turn 30 later this year, but when I heard that one of the greatest sports movies of my childhood was turning 20, I logged on to AARP and registered for a membership.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with “The Sandlot,” it tells the story of a group of adolescent boys spending their summer bonding over their love of baseball. Because really, who doesn’t love summer. And baseball.

The movie has everything my 10-year-old self could have ever wanted. Baseball, a treehouse, s’mores, a legendary “beast,” and of course, a smokin’ hot lifeguard named Wendy Peffercorn. Intrigued?

Check out the 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray edition, which apparently includes collectible baseball cards of the characters. You’ll keep this FOR-EV-ER.

And if you’re feeling extra nostalgic, strap on your PF Flyers and take a road trip to meet up with the 20th anniversary “Sandlot” tour where they’ll be showing the film at baseball stadiums around the country.

After you’re done taking a trip down memory lane, call up a couple of your closest buds and organize your own game. Borderstan has lots of parks where you can play a quick pick-up game.

Check out the grassy areas at Stead Park (1600 block of P Street NW), Harrison Field (1300 block of V Street NW) Mitchell Park (S and 23rd Streets NW) and Kalorama Park (Columbia Road and 19th Street NW). Sure, you might need to exchange that baseball for a wiffle ball, but it’s the same thing.

We’ll see you out on the lot.

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"DC Nationals Stadium"

Four reasons you  should head to Nationals Park. (Scott Leibowitz)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at scott[AT]borderstan.com.

I have put it off as long as I could. For two months now, I have dumped everything and anything Washington Nationals into the links section of my column, hoping that this current season would start to resemble the previous ones. I figured I was making the safe bet and not getting excited about a team which only a few short years ago couldn’t even spell their own team name correctly.

Maybe I was just bitter about DC stealing away a team from the great city of Montreal (I wonder if anyone in Canada noticed). Quite frankly, I just wasn’t ready for a DC sports team to put all the pieces together and actually put out a great product.

I am not about to declare that they are gonna win the World Series, but after years of patience and building, this team is ready to not only compete, but more importantly, to be a contender. The on-the-field product is worth the ticket price.

Well Borderstan, I was wrong. So wrong, that I feel we should all ignite, unleash, let loose or whatever you want… your NATITUDE! At a recent stint at the batting cages, between rounds with some friends, we were discussing whether it was worth the time, effort and money to see a Nats game now — or is it a just a fad.

So as you think to yourself this summer, “Hey, should I go to that Nats game Saturday afternoon,” here is a list of rebuttals for all your doubts.

Why You Should Go to a Nats Game

Ick, it’s at the Navy Yard: No, it’s not now NW DC. But in 10 years this place is gonna explode with all the investment in bars and apartment buildings they are putting up. Think Georgetown waterfront area, without all the snooty Georgetown locals wondering if you took the Metro there. The stadium is right on the Metro Green Line, it’s very scenic and the stadium is right next to the Metro stop.

Baseball is Pricey: All major sporting events are pricey these days. This complaint is totally valid as stadium food and drink are pretty steep (think $7 beer). Don’t worry, though. Right outside the stadium are a half-a-dozen makeshift bars that open hours before the game. Expect normal prices, ample cornhole games and an outside relaxed bar environment. In terms of tickets, there are plenty of decent ones in the $20 range.

THEY ARE GOOD NOW: I am not making this up. The Nats have got hitting, defense and some awesome pitching. I am not about to declare that they are gonna go all the way, but after years of patience and building, this team is ready to not only compete, but more importantly, to be a contender. The on-the-field product is worth the ticket price.

Presidents Race: Of all the goofy stadium traditions in baseball, I just can’t seem to get enough of the Presidents Race. I hope that one day poor Teddy (as in President Theodore Roosevelt) will win. I was lucky enough two weeks ago (when I went to the Yankees-Nats game that went 14 innings) to see two races, because the game was so long. Despite having a mini-cycle, Teddy came in last both times.

I understand some people just don’t like baseball or have the patience or attention to sit and watch a 3-hour game that moves a bit slow. But expand your horizons, drink a few beers and watch four presidents with huge heads run around a baseball field (also, the baseball is good too).

What’s in the Hopper?

Lebron and the Miami Heat won. Big woop. The guy is mega talented. Call me when the NBA resembles quality basketball again and not just a 2-on-2 street game.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • “That’s a clown question bro”. DC finally has a saying of its own.
  • Wimbledon is currently on, so wear your all whites and enjoy classy tennis.
  • What DC sports league should I join? Props to Washington City Paper for a great graph.

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