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Wear your beard proud and strong. But is it right for your job? (Luis Gomez Photos)

I’d like to take this column to talk about something a bit gender specific. When it comes to workplace attire, I already know that we gentleman have it much easier than women. Choosing which pair of khakis and which button down shirt to wear is quite easy compared to the array of choices that could be considered “business casual” for women.

However, one issue most men face that I’d like to discuss here is whether to shave or, more simply, “Can a beard be taken seriously in the workplace?”

I have heard and seen many opinions on beards. For one thing, part of today’s modern workplace is being presentable. Sadly, our culture generally frowns on big bushy beards and does not associate them with hardworking or authoritative personalities.

The idea of a clean-shaven man says, “I make money and can afford razor blades.” I mean, would you trust a high-powered lawyer if he looked like Zach Galifianakis?

So to help the men of Borderstan decide whether a beard is the right decision at work (in life, beards are always awesome… just ask the ladies and gay guys), here is a small guide.

Is a Beard Right for You at Work?

  • Do your clients see you daily? If interaction with your clients is an everyday occurrence and your price tag for services has lots of zeros in it, a beard may not be the right choice. I mean how often would you hand a $30,000 check to someone who could double as a lumberjack?
  • Can you grow it well? Just because you don’t want to shave, does nott mean you should be lazy. A complete beard is ESSENTIAL to be taken seriously. If you cant grow bridges (the hair between mustache and chin) then a beard is not for you. Sorry.
  • Are you friendly? Beards say friendly and fuzzy. If you think you are a serious, no jokes, down to business kinda guy, then a beard will just be seen as being lazy or you getting dumped recently. Frankly, I think every man should grow his beard out. It gives your face more personality, and you can think of it as a permanent facial accessory. So if HR doesn’t care, throw away the razor and let it out!

What’s Grinding My Gears

  • Final Four this weekend. Louisville vs. Wichita St, Michigan vs Syracuse. CANT WAIT

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