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Authorities are still on the lookout for four men connected a violent robbery and attempted sexual assault that occurred in Shaw’s Blagden Alley about two weeks ago.

The crime happened in an alley on the 900 block of M St. NW around 3 a.m. on Aug. 7.

As we reported earlier this month, a robber threw a man to the ground and punched him before patting him down for money, authorities said. When the robber found the man had no money, he told the man to perform oral sex on him. But the man called out to a bystander who came to his aid, causing the robber to run off with the man’s backpack.

Police yesterday released a video that shows four men they believe are connected to the crime. In the video, the men can be seen walking through or near Blagden Alley.

MPD is asking anyone with information regarding the crime to call them at 202-727-9099 or text the department’s tip line at 50411.

Video via MPD

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Rogue in Shaw

The team behind the Fainting Goat (1330 U St. NW) has plans to open a Hong Kong themed eatery in Blagden Alley.

Fainting Goat co-owners Greg Algie and Henry Bruce plan to open the yet-to-be-named restaurant and bar with chef Nathan Beauchamp in the former Rogue space at 922 N St. NW, Algie told us this afternoon.

Algie laid out an early vision of the planned business during an ANC 2F ABRA committee meeting last night.

“We’re looking at doing a Hong Kong themed restaurant bar,” Algie said during the meeting. “Hong Kong has great a tradition of food and a European influence with the expat nightlife, so it kind of merges together.” The eatery will also include a “little cocktail bar,” Algie added.

Though the team is still hammering out the concept, Algie said the restaurant and bar could open as early as December.

“We are finalizing stuff right now,” Algie said.

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Village Whiskey, photo via Facebook / Village WhiskeyThe restaurant group behind a popular Philadelphia bourbon bar has moved closer to opening another outpost in the District.

A recent filing with ABRA reveals that The Garces Group — the company behind Philadelphia’s Village Whiskey, Rural Society (1177 15th St. NW) and more than a dozen other eateries — has applied for a liquor license for a forthcoming Village Whiskey location in Blagden Alley.


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Five local artists will debut new murals during a ceremony in Blagden Alley this afternoon.

Attendees can witness the ceremony and view art from muralists Bill Warrell, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Rozeal Brown, Aniekan Udofia and Cita Chelove between M and N and 9th and 10th streets NW today at 4 p.m.

The event is meant to mark the opening of the “D.C. Alley Museum,” an outdoor collection of murals “that features D.C. artists open 24/7 without restrictions.”

“As the lead artist I have committed my entire career to this city’s artistic wellbeing, first as a curator and now joining my fellow artists,” said Warrell in a statement. “A coalition of painters from the region have been coming together in my studio and we have created the DC Alley Museum here in Blagden Alley.”

The outdoor exhibition was assembled with “generous support” from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ public art program.

Photos via Shaw Main Streets

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return of The Columbia Room

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The owners behind defunct bar Columbia Room are now one step closer to reopening the popular drinking establishment.

public hearing notice for a new liquor license application shows that the former cocktail bar’s owners seek to set up shop in a space located in the “Gang of Three” building at 1224 9th St. NW.

The liquor license application calls for a total occupancy of 114 with summer garden seating for 40.

Drink Company CEO Angie Salame wrote about the the forthcoming opening in an e-mail exchange with Borderstan earlier today.

“Derek Brown, JP Fetherston and I are reopening the award winning Columbia Room in Blagden Alley,” said Salame. “We’re bringing back our precisely made cocktails paired with snacks and a focus on classics using local ingredients where possible,” she added.

“We are planning a few extra bells and whistles of course, but we are grounded in the same attention to detail and focus on service we became known for,” said Salame.

Though the bar currently has no opening date set, Salame said that they’re shooting to open early next year.

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The Jrink juice store located at 1410 14th St, NW will move to 1228 Blagden Alley NW in August, says an employee at that store.

The move could explain why a liquor license placard for a “new tavern” was posted at the address earlier this week.

That liquor license says the new business will feature “live entertainment and dancing” and a summer garden with seating for 46 patrons.

Photo via

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A supper club at a home in Blagden Alley. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT] 

By now you’ve probably heard that Borderstan neighbors Anna and Dan Kahoe of GoodWood (1428 U Street NW) recently renovated a historic Shaw carriage house into something spectacular. No, really. It’s breathtaking.

While reading up on their remodel, something caught my eye. Anna and Dan specifically renovated the lower level of their Blagden Alley house to host regular supper clubs.

“We have been to one or two supper clubs, and I just love the idea of an intimate dining experience,” Anna said. “I love the idea of surrendering to a dining experience.”

Prior to moving into the Blagden Alley carriage house, the Kahoes, who have owned GoodWood for nine years, lived in a remodeled laundry business on 12th Street NW. At that house, Anna and Dan hosted several dinner parties, but did not feel they had the ideal space.

Supper time at Blagden Alley. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Supper time at Blagden Alley with Anna Kahoe. (Luis Gomez Photos)

“We would have great parties, but we found everyone congregated in the kitchen,” said Anna, who added that the kitchen space was smaller than she would have liked for a group of guests.

That is why, when the couple purchased the carriage house, they specifically decided to build a spacious dining area and chef’s-style kitchen. They wanted to host more dinner parties – and supper clubs, in particular.

“When I asked Dan what his top five dining experiences were, we’d always come out with a list where the atmosphere was wonderful and the food was okay, or the food was divine, but the atmosphere was too corporate,” Anna explained. “I think of great dinner parties I’ve been to and thought of how I could share that with people.”

The Kahoe’s Shaw abode has been finished for about three months now, and so far, the couple has hosted one supper club and one small, private event.

The next supper club the couple plans to host is scheduled for January 20. After that event, the Kahoes plan to have one or two every month.

Anna says since word hit the press, people have been pouring into the store (GoodWood) to inquire about upcoming events.

“It’s a little nerve-racking (that it’s getting popular), but exciting,” Anna said.

Currently, Anna and Dan use Chef Rodger Potter, but are looking to host other chefs and expand their food offerings.

“We’re definitely looking to open our doors to more chefs,” said Anna, who would one day love to open a restaurant, herself. “Let’s push that. We want more chefs. Dan (Anna’s husband) is a wonderful cook, but he’s not prepared for supper club… yet.”

Anna also envisions expanding the supper club’s offerings to cooking demonstrations, cheese and wine tastings and other smaller, more casual affairs.

Supper club at the Blagden Alley house currently costs around $125 for food, wine and cocktails. Anna recommends that those interested in attending a supper club stop by GoodWood on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday (when she is there).

Ask for Anna; she will sign you up.

“We’ve hit on something that makes people really happy,” Anna said. “If you’re game to go, then you surrender, cause you know those are the rules, and then I think people have an unexpected good time.”

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