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News from Dupont-Logan-U Street

From Alden Leonard. Contact him at alden[AT] and follow him @aldenleonard on Twitter.

DCist gets up close and personal with Calvin, aka the “Titan of Trinidad,” a blogger covering the up-and-coming Northeast DC neighborhood that lies north of the H Street NE corridor.

Although it’s only a couple of weeks old, Titan of Trinidad is gaining considerable buzz due to its quirky take on one of the city’s original neighborhood blogs. And it doesn’t hurt that Calvin was one of the first to break the story on a new Ben’s Chili Bowl location coming to H Street NE.

Despite the name’s similarity to local blog, Prince of Petworth, Calvin insists “Titan of Trinidad” is all his own creative fruit. Try it for yourself — and the DCist article is a good read, too!

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Borderstan's Diane Tucker is blogging for The Huffington Post's campaign series, "Off the Bus."

Diane Tucker

Borderstan’s very own Diane Tucker has another campaign coverage piece on The Huffington Post, “Pre-Election Anxiety Squeezes African-American Women.” Tucker is is blogging for HuffPo’s “Off the Bus” campaign reporting series.

“On the news yesterday, they revealed a potential neo-Nazi plot against Barack Obama, and then they gave more details on the racially-motivated Ashley Todd hoax. It made my heart pound. My blood pressure rose precipitously,” said anthropologist Wende Marshall, professor of public health sciences, University of Virginia.

Read entire post.

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The Huffington Post, the creation of Arianna Huffington, has become one of the biggest and most comprehensive blogs (an “Internet Newspaper”) in the blogosphere. Borderstan’s Diane Tucker is now blogging about the presidential election for Huffington Post as part of the “Huffpost’s Off the Bus: Ground Level Coverage of Campaign ’08.”

We’ve added Diane’s campaign blog to the Blogroll in the right-hand column. Be sure to check out Diane’s columns; her latest is “Gitmo on The Platte: Your Denver Guide to Convention Doublespeak.” You can find some biographical information about Diane when you go to her page. Alas, she mentions nothing about being a Borderstanian!

Diane Tucker is a writer/producer/director and owner of tücreate, an award-winning multi-media production company. Her work has appeared on Discovery Channel, History Channel,, WXYZ-TV, many International Auto Show screens, and a couple of sandwich boards. She lives in Washington, D.C., but calls “Motown” home.


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