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Check out DCBlogs (it’s now linked in the right column under “News Aggregators”). Blogs are listed here by in 24–YES, 24–different categories. Here’s a blurb about DCBlogs the FAQ section from the editors:

The main dcblogs.com page is a news site. It reports on topics raised by bloggers, changes in the DC blogging community, as well as bring new blogs to the attention of readers. We’re always on the hunt for interesting content and suggestions are encouraged — let us know about your work or the work of other writers that you think we should be making a note of. Just write [email protected] If you would like to join the ranks of regular contributors.

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"Nightfall on Corcoran Street" by Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.

“Nightfall.” Looking west on 1500-block of Corcoran Street NW (photo by Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day).

In case you have ever asked yourself, “Am I the only one who reads this stuff on Borderstan.com?” the answer is, “No.” The average number of views or hits per day is around 100. For a small, new blog that focuses on a limited geographic area with a very specific focus, I would say this is “not bad.”

Remember that the primary purpose of Borderstan.com is disseminate public safety information to Borderstanians. Our secondary purpose is to provide neighbors with information about their community. Finally, we also aim to amuse and entertain from time to time (it’s also a good way to get you to read the public safety info).

Borderstan.com Traffic

Each week ends on Sunday at 8 p.m. Average views per week over past 7 weeks: 740. Average views per day: 106.

  • Sept. 28: 1,006 views
  • Sept. 21: 744 views
  • Sept. 14: 502 views
  • Sept. 7: 827 views
  • Aug. 31: 614 views
  • Aug. 24: 804 views
  • Aug. 17: 686 views

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The Top 10 most popular Borderstan postings, as of August 29 (does not include hits on pages/sections):

  1. Cafe Salsa to Open in Borderstan
  2. Attention Foodies: Restaurant Week Extented
  3. Cafe Salsa: “Nuevo Latino Cuisine”
  4. 15th Street: Move Your Car Before 7 a.m.
  5. 10-Day Crime Stats for Borderstan: Down
  6. Hello Cupcake Bakery Opens Monday on Connecticut
  7. Car Talk: Are Your Hookups Showing?
  8. Borderstan on Facebook!
  9. Merkado Closing… Commissary Opening
  10. “Brokeback Meets Broadway;” D.C. Cowboys

Five of the Top 10 postings are related to restaurants or food. We hear you!

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We need more people involved in Borderstan. We want to make sure that Borderstanians come to borderstan.com to find out about public safety issues. One of the ways we can do that is by adding other interesting content to the mix.

So, are you a budding journalist? An aspiring neighborhood activist? Ticked off about something? A blog fanatic? Then we are looking for you. We are looking for members of our neighborhood who want to help make this blog speak for all members of our community. Please email [email protected] and give us your idea.


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