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UPDATE from editor: There are some important changes in the updated statistics in the MPD crime database for August 2009. For example, there were 34 thefts from autos for August 2009 in the Borderstan crime reporting area (not 24). Along with some other upates, this drives up the total number of crimes to 78 for the month. The text and charts have been updated to reflect this change.

Total crime (both violent and property crimes) for the  month of August 2009 in the Borderstan crime area¹ is 37% higher than in August 2008 and 15% higher than August 2007. Total crimes in August by year:

  • 78 in August 2009
  • 57 in August 2008
  • 68 in August 2007.

Historical numbers are provided to give you a sense of the direction of the crime rate in the neighborhood. (You can run crime statistics from the DC MPD online crime database for up to two years.) For a look at how August 2009 crime compares to June and July 2009, read  “Borderstan Crime Up 15% in August; 26% in 2 Months.”



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