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elephant ears, Alocasia, Logan Circle

How warm is it in DC?  It was 60 degrees F on Thursday and these Alocasia (“Elephant Ears”) are still quite happy in a Logan Circle garden. (mattyillni in the Borderstan flickr pool)

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Christmas Forecast

While it has seemed more like summer than the winter solstice around DC lately, that should be corrected (sort of) today. Expect more like 50’s and 40’s through the week, says ABC 7. And no, that storm system you heard about is not likely to bring snow for Christmas. Anyone whining about the warm temps can remind themselves they appreciate nothing when they complain of cold winds in two weeks. Bah Humbug!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We’ve given you some ideas, but if you are still stumped, the Washington Blade has a good, eclectic list. These are all nearby, ready to go and don’t require batteries. Of course, you could have a very procrastinator’s holiday and stop by the Safeway or 7-11 for gift cards to nearly every chain store in America.

And remember to check out these posts from Borderstan writers on last-minute gift ideas:

Heritage India Serves Booze Again

OK, I am a little baffled. Heritage India violates their own security policy and a man dies, with several other injured and they are serving cocktails again less than a month later? That’s what Washington City Paper is reporting, anyways. For those of you playing the consistency game at home, DC9 was ordered closed for 30 days after a man died outside the club, allegedly (at first, anyways) at the hands of employees. Draw your own conclusions.

Best of the Internets

Some of us poor bastards are at work. Here’s what you can do with your day as you fake it until you make it.

NPR brings word of the most awesome useless phone service ever: Callin’ Oates. Yes, it is an ’emergency’ phone line where you can call if you really, really need to hear “Rich Girl” (press 2) and don’t have any other way of listening to it. And if you want to celebrate the end of a despotic reign of the Dear Leader for your holiday, Kim Jong Il Looking at Things can be a half-day diversion. Last but not least, “Shit Girls Say” has a new episode up on their YouTube channel. That poor dog does need water!

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The “Venetian” and the “Mandarin.” Got them at Pulp for $4.50 each. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

What are you doing tonight? Luis and I got these great “traditional Victorian” style paper-cardboard masks at Pulp (14th & S Streets NW) for only $4.50 each. Luis is the “Venetian” and I am the “Mandarin.” We got the last ones in these styles and there was only one other style for men, “El Capitano.” However, they had a number of masks left for women as of Thursday evening.


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