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Allison Sheren of Neighborsations. (Courtesy of Allison Sheren)

Urban living is sometimes associated with a lifestyle that lacks a sense of community and neighborliness; but Allison Sheren is here to prove that stereotype wrong.

As the Founder of Neighborsations, a company that connects neighbors based on common interests, Sheren is working hard to make sure that neighbors meet and create lasting and meaningful relationships.

“I love my neighborhood, my block and my neighbors,” said Sheren, who is piloting Neighborsations in DC and primarily in the Borderstan area. “The people are great, but I’m only friends with one of my neighbors. A few months ago, I was thinking about why this neighbor and I became friends, and it hit me. When he and I met, we were both wearing Michigan apparel.

“We had our ‘Go Blue’ moment and we knew we had something in common, therefore making it easy to start a conversation. I wanted to create a platform that enabled more people to have that experience. Neighborsations is about bringing neighbors together to create lasting friendships and meaningful offline interactions. It allows you to meet the neighbors you want to know, and it gives you an easy way to start the conversation.”

If you’re looking to join in on the conversation, Neighborsations will make its debut at this year’s 17th Street Festival on September 22 from noon until 6 pm.

“It’s a great opportunity to match neighbors based on common interests and have them meet while at the festival,” said Sheren, who is partnering on the event with the Urban Neighborhood Alliance.

So, How Does it Work?

Interested individuals can sign-up for Neighborsations to be connected with others in the area who share common interests.

“As opposed to walking down the street and knocking on every door, users are given a specific person to meet and an easy way to start a conversation,” explained Sheren.

Neighborsations is currently in the process of building its full website in order to better match neighbors online for offline experiences, and people have already begun to register to be matched at the 17th Street Festival. Neighbors interested in being matched up at the Festival should complete this online form. Neighborsations will then follow-up with information on who you will meet and where.

For more information on Neighborsations, visit the website and Facebook page, or follow the group on Twitter @neighborsations.

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