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PSA 208, Dupont Circle, thefts from autos, Bordestan

Click to enlarge: There were 96 thefts from autos in March 2011, up from 39 in March 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

From Matty Rhoades

While violent crime declined, the number of property crimes in Police Service Area (PSA) 208 in March soared 69% over March  2010. Burglaries and thefts were up, but it it was the huge increase in thefts from autos (smash-and-grabs) that drove the increase in March’s crime stats.

PSA 208 covers the Dupont-Kalorama area. We compare crime statistics on a year-over-year basis by month; this helps account for seasonal differences in crime. All numbers are from the MPD Crime Database.

Property Crime Up from March 2010

There were 208 property crimes last month in PSA 208, compared to 123 in March 2010. For example, the number of smash-and-grabs in March 2011 was more than double from last March: 96 last month compared to 39 in March 2010.

In addition, burglaries were up almost three times from last year — there were 20 burglaries in PSA 208 last month compared to seven in March 2010. Thefts increased from 69 in March 2010 to 84 last month.

However, the 16 violent crimes last month in PSA 208 was a decline from March 2010 when there 21 such crimes. But, the huge rise in property crimes drove total crime (violent and property combined) up 56% in March 2011 when compared to March 2010.

The Trendline

What does the trendline show for PSA 208?

  • March 2011: 224 crimes (16 of them violent crimes)
  • March 2010: 144 crimes (21 of them violent crimes)
  • March 2009: 170 crimes (22 of them violent crimes)
  • March 2008: 175 crimes (21 of them violent crimes)

Over the past three years, the number of property crimes in March has risen 35% while the number of violent crimes has declined by 24%. On a year-over-year basis, the total number of crimes in PSA 208 was 28% higher in March 2011 than in March 2008, all due to more property crimes.

Below the fold: Specific crimes in March in PSA 208 and a look at March numbers for 2008 through 2011.



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