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Offices of the Dupont Circle Business Incubator. (Nick Barron)

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A lot of entrepreneurs would like to have an office along Dupont’s trendy 17th Street corridor.

For the past year the Dupont Circle Business Incubator (DCBI) has made that possible for many entrepreneurs and small businesses that may otherwise not be able to afford such a prime location.

DCBI, located at 1638 R Street NW, is managed by Carter Ferrington, and is home to a handful of entrepreneurs ranging from a radio program to a wedding planner.

Tenants can have individual offices, and access to a conference room, two kitchens and two bathrooms. There’s also a room of cubicle space Carter calls “Cube City.”

DCBI hosts a monthly DC Nightowls Meetup, a group of people who like working late at night on everything from their own businesses to freelance projects.

There are many co-working spaces in DC. Each one has its own feel and flavor, and DCBI is no different.

Taking a tour with Carter you realize how much DCBI feels like a home as much as a place of business. He’s focused not only the amenities his tenants need to be successful, but he’s also looking at hosting more events and other programs that can augment needs of his entrepreneurial clients.

Right now Carter’s looking at establishing a Board of Directors for DCBI. He wants additional voices helping make decisions on DCBI’s direction and programming.

“I don’t believe all the great ideas come from me,” Carter said.

It’s clear in hearing Carter talk about his vision that DCBI wants to be more than just affordable office space. It wants to be a resource and launching pad for the entrepreneurs who call it home.

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