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Borderstan, Logan Circle

15th and S Streets NW: Indeed.

From Michelle Lancaster. Talk to me on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Casey Anthony: “Not Guilty”

OK, I know. It’s out of Borderstan by a few states and you didn’t miss it. You were inundated by the coverage and people’s reactions. But it was the biggest news item, so I’m obligated to cover it. Reaction from The Washington Post, courtesy of the Associated Press.

Anonymous Donation Saves D.C. Schools Athletic Programs

A private donor pledged $1.5 million to keep D.C. Public Schools sports programs intact after hearing of budget cuts that would have gutted the program. The Washington Examiner has the full story. It includes, of course, a bizarre twist. Never one to make things simple, DCPS failed to tell concerned parents the donation had been made. The parents continued to fundraise and protest a problem that no longer existed. Oh well, dodgeball is still alive and well and that’s what really matters! (PS, my money is totally on Ted Leonsis as the donor. Thoughts?)



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