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You can buy chunks of frozen raw meat by the bag at many pet food stores. These beef medallions are from Nature’s Variety and can be fed to cats or dogs. A 3-pound bag of 48 medallions at a local store cost $20.99. 

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Last week, I talked about what to leave out of the dog bowl; this week, I want to talk about what to leave in.

I’ve spent years debating the best meal for your dog – a task that has proved overwhelming and cumbersome;  the “correct” formula is ever-changing and evolving, and unless you have an unlimited amount of time to dedicate to research, it’s easy to get lost in the information.

That said, I’m happy to say that there is one truism that has crossed all of my research and experience:  variety is key.

If you’ve read last week’s column, What’s in Your Pet’s Food?, you are one step closer to understanding what a healthy, well-rounded meal looks like.  Yet, seeking and purchasing high-quality ingredients at all-natural pet food stores is not the whole picture.

Before delving into what the best well-rounded meal looks like, it is important to realize that there are two main types of food: processed and raw.



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