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Martha and Charles from Light after Loss. (Luis Gomez Photos)

When the unthinkable happens, LightPath Apps wants you to remember the name of their signature Web application, Light After Loss.

The DC-based company Light After Loss aims to help you and your family and friends deal with the death of a loved one. It’s based on the real experience of one of the company’s co-founder, Martha Blue.

When Blue’s husband passed away three years ago, she was unprepared for what to do next. Everything from telling others about his death to planning the funeral to changing bank accounts fell to her.

Because of the trauma Martha and her kids were going through, she relied a great deal on friends and family, but they also didn’t have much experience dealing with what to do after death.

“Her friends and family were heroic in helping out, but many of them were also trying to figure out how to get everything done from scratch,” Martha’s co-founder, Charles Moore said. “We created Light After Loss to make this time just a little easier.”

Right now the company is letting people know about Light After Loss, as well as making continual improvements to the product.

Moore said to do this Light After Loss is deploying regular marketing tactics, but are also focused on “building a network of individuals and partners who know about Light After Loss, and who can recommend it to those in need.”

Blue and Moore oversee the company and development of its namesake application, which benefitted from others’ design and development, namely Friendly Design’s Geoff Silverstein and Ross Nover and Jacob Patton from Trisignia.

Currently Light After Loss has completed its friends and family round, but will begin raising outside investment over the next few months.

Also part of the company’s plans is a second app called Light Path Ahead to help people do the planning needed before there’s a death.

“Dealing with the death of a loved one is so difficult because many of us do not take essential planning steps, like creating a will and advance directive, or even writing down where all of our bank accounts are,” Moore said.

Still in its early stages, you can track the development of Light Path Ahead by following them on Twitter.

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