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Editor’s note: The following story looks at the experience of Borderstan resident Michael Kremin who was beaten and robbed shortly after midnight on June 21 near his home on Corcoran Street NW. Kremin left a comment about his mugging on an unrelated Borderstan crime posting and we contacted him about the details. After meeting Kremin and obtaining a copy of the police report (details at end of story), Chloe Thompson interviewed Kremin and wrote the following story. Thompson recently graduated with a B.A. in journalism from the University of Rhode Island. She moved to the Washington metro area and is contributing to Borderstan while pursuing an editorial job.

By Chloe Thompson

Michael Kremin was beaten and robbed close to the front door of his house shortly after midnight on a Saturday morning in June. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos.)

Michael Kremin was beaten and robbed close to the front door of his house shortly after midnight on a Sunday morning in June. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos.)

Almost three months after what he refers to as “the incident,” Corcoran Street resident Michael Kremin still refuses to leave his home alone after 9:30 p.m.

The left side of his jaw–broken by muggers during the June 21 robbery–still has no feeling. In addition, Kremin needs regular check ups and is self-conscious about eating. The right cheekbone that was also shattered that night, leaving him bleeding against a nearby parked car, shows little signs of bruising. Still, Kremin reached gingerly to touch it as he told his story.

Kremin’s injuries are the rest of the story of MPD crime report number 09085657. The story begins on Saturday night, June 20, when Kremin and his partner went to a  friend’s house on Wallach Place NW, where Kremin met the other editors of their blog, “Who Murdered Robert Wone?”

Wrapping up a bit after midnight on Sunday morning, Kremin made the four-block trip home to Corcoran Street with his partner, who rode his bicycle. There were also accompanied by a friend on foot. It was a route Kremin had walked “millions of times” since moving to Washington about 20 years ago.



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