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Your DC tap water may smell a bit like a swimming pool for the next  six weeks. (Photo by ep_jhu in Borderstan flickr pool)

For years, the John Birch Society warned people about the ‘communist plot’ led by the government to put fluoride in drinking water. Well, we’re here to tell you that if your water smells a tiny bit like a swimming pool, it’s totally cool.

We promise.

Just as your house needs sprucing up in this time of spring cleaning, so do DC’s water pipes. According to DC Water, that means chlorine instead of chloramine for a system-flushing and cleaning process starting March 26 and ending around May 7. This is a routine cleaning for DC and water systems around the country, and there is a monitoring system in place to track amounts of chlorine in drinking water.

If you’re still freaking out, the press release from DC Water provides a few ways to reduce the odor or amount all together in drinking water. For example, DC Water recommends running the cold water tap for approximately two minutes and refrigerating cold tap water for a few hours to reduce taste and odor. Water filters are also effective in reducing chlorine taste and odor.

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