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Borderstan 17th Street Dog Park

Looking south at 17th and New Hampshire NW: Saturday at the dog park. (Borderstan)

The official community group for the 17th Street Dog Park is Circle Dogs. Find them on Facebook or check out their Web page:

Circle Dogs is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization partnered with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to provide custodial care of the dog park at S Street Park. Circle Dogs’ mission, focused on dog parks in the Dupont and Logan Circle neighborhoods, is to provide a safe, clean, and accessible environment for people and dogs to exercise and socialize together at designated dog parks.

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Neighbor Julie–who often attends dog park meetings–made it to Sunday’s “emergency” meeting regarding Dupont Circle’s 17th Street dog park. Here is her report.

Attendees included Mike Silverstein, ANC 2B/Dupont Chair, Bob Meehan, ANC commissioner, board members from Circle Dogs DC, Shaw Dogs Co-Chair Andrea Doughty, Sgt. John McDonald of PSA 208, and many community members and dog owners. The meeting was, in content, essentially a repeat of the meeting early in October. No new issues were raised, there was a review of the three main issues and discussion about proposed solutions: (more…)

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Note: Neighbor Julie from Borderstan attended last night’s meeting on the 17th Street dog park at the DC Jewish Community Center. Following is Julie’s report.


First and foremost, NOTHING WAS RESOLVED regarding issues on the 17th Street dog park. No changes (from the government point of view) are likely to flow from this meeting. Commissioner Meehan, however, seemed eager to get some sort of resolution passed at tonight’s ANC meeting. I don’t believe there was enough of a consensus to make that possible.

Attendees numbered about 35. Emotions were running fairly high. While discussion could be heated, it remained civil. Many issues were brought up for discussion–though due to time limitations and the many points of view–the discussion focused primarily on operating hours of the park and the number of dogs allowed in the park at any one time. It was suggested that a follow-up meeting take place in 1 to 2 months to further discuss the issues and their suggested resolutions. (more…)


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