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From Michelle Lancaster

What Actually Happened at DC9?

The answer seems to be that no one really knows. After the death of a man outside the nightclub, D.C. MPD immediately went on the offensive against ‘vigilante justice’ and referred to the incident as a homicide. But wait just a second – the coroner is still reviewing the cause of death and now all charges have been dropped against all five named defendants. On top of that, the ‘bloody crosswalk’ photos attached to the emerging story were from a different location and a different incident. TBD has the story.

Circulator to… Circulate More has the scoop on the newest Circulator bus routes. Of particular interest to Borderstan readers should be the Adams-Morgan/U St./Florida Avenue/H St. NE route and proposed expansion of the Rosslyn/Georgetown/Dupont route to 14th and U NW. Why’s that? It’s good, green news for local residents. Just keep in mind that your new favorite hot spots on 14th St. may have just gotten a bit more accessible to the B&T crowd, so plan accordingly.

Parting Gift for Fenty Workers?

A recent meeting yielded a packet of information given to Fenty Cabinet heads, advising them of their ‘separation pay’ options. As Washington Business Journal reports, cabinet members may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of severance if they stick it out until Dec. 17. While not quite a golden parachute, or even the bonuses of the Williams years, it is nonetheless an interesting expenditure of funds in a tight budget year.


D.C. is looking for an alibi after Travel and Leisure decided to name us the sixth least attractive city in the United States. WTOP has the whole sad assessment of our unattractive, unfriendly and style-challenged town.

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A Circulator bus on M Street NW on the Georgetown-Union Station route. (Photo: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

A Circulator bus on M Street NW on the Georgetown-Union Station route. (Photo: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

Two good postings at 14th and You:

  • More on Proposed U Street Hotel: “Although preliminary, the plans for the hotel are impressive. Designed in a style meant to emulate “traditional” DC architecture, the hotel will top out at ten stories and include something in the neighborhood of 250 guest rooms. Other features of the hotel will include:” Read entire post.
  • 14th Street Circulator Line to Commence Next Month: “According to a transportation report provided at the March CSNA meeting, a new Circulator bus line linking McPherson Square with Logan, U Street, Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams-Morgan and Woodley Park will debut beginning next month.” Read entire post. See Circulator bus route on Google Maps.

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