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CameraBy Mary Burgan

Welcome back, Borderstanians. I hope you got some ideas from my posting last week on some movie classics from the 1930s and 1940s.

This week I am offering some advice on what I call classic “sexy movies,” which is probably a bit different than what passes for sexy in the currently running category.

I was educated in a series of convent schools, so I haven’t seen much pornography, but last week I did see on the TV, once again, Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr embracing in a prone position on a beach in Hawaii. I remembered the first time I saw 1953’s From Here to Eternity. I may have gone to confession for so enjoying one of the sexiest movies ever. Just the line “I never knew it could be like this,” could send a girl into mortally sinful thoughts. (more…)

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We welcome a new weekly contributor to Borderstan. Mary Burgan is the Borderstan Movie Fan and she will offer up her “totally subjective advice” about what movies you should rent. Burgan is a retired association executive and professor of English. She and her husband live in Borderstan.mattyillini

By Mary Burgan

Stumped at Blockbuster? At the end of your queue on Netflix? Not sure which classics to watch on cable?

As a movie reviewer for Borderstan, I’ll make some totally subjective suggestions for you about movies that are not playing in the theater–classics and movies that have already left the theaters.

You can find plenty of reviews of new releases, so you don’t need help there. Not that I don’t have opinions, but I wanted to offer something a little different to Borderstan readers. (more…)


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