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Joan of Arc, Meridian Hill Park, Luis Gomez Photos

The Joan of Arc Statue in Meridan Hill Park is getting repairs, including a new sword. The statue was a gift from the “Ladies of France in Exile in New York” in 1922, according to Wikipedia. (One Photograph A Day)

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Cleveland Park Targeted With Anti-Semitic Literature

Sometimes we venture outside our ‘hood when the news compels us. And the distribution of anti-Semitic posters to what appears to be targeted households in Cleveland Park, as per reports on the Cleveland Park listserv, compels us. In an account posted to the list serv, and confirmed by other members, a number of households had homemade flyers, covered in copy-pasting anti-Semitic language and references, delivered to their front doors. This kind of hate mail is bad enough, but is made worse by the fact that not all households received this little gift. On more than one street, it was only delivered to houses where Jewish families, or those that “looked Jewish,” lived. The flyers and incidents were reported to the police on Monday evening.

Joan of Arc Gets Waxed

The Joan of Arc statue in Meridian Hill Park is getting a little TLC. According to one observant reader (hat tip to Chris Siddall), the statue is getting a few new pieces, including the replacement of a sword. She is also getting some work done, including a new coat of patina and a wax. As you can see from her glamor shots in DC Memorials, this is a long overdue update for the French lady. I bet Carla Bruni approves.

Farragut North Station to Stay in Disrepair

Well, at least for now, as WMATA is focusing their attention on the Dupont Circle station. The Red Line, as we all know, has more than its fair share of issues and the Examiner reports that Farragut North has perhaps some of the most pressing. You know about the water leaks if you ride through the area and if you read any papers at all about a year ago, you know they found asbestos in the ceiling panels while beginning the renovation. While that remediation has recently ended, don’t expect a smooth ride through these two stations on the Red Line for awhile.

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Borderstan Cleveland Park

Why? The use of Middle English in this “Food Shoppe” sign at the CVS in Cleveland Park is designed to… do what exactly?

In our series of occasional Why postings, we bring you the “Food Shoppe” at the CVS on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park. We happened upon this commercial and language abuse on a recent Saturday.

The issue here, of course, is the CVS use of “shoppe” instead of “shop” to name its food section. (more…)

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Tonight Councilmember Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) is holding a public safety-crime forum in Shaw (7 p.m. at New Community Church, 614 S Street NW). Mendelson–chair of the Council Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary–resides in upper Northwest’s Cleveland Park, a very different neighborhood from downtown Shaw. So, I thought it would be interesting to look at crime numbers for these two neighborhoods to see how the compare.

For Cleveland Park, I ran crime stats for the intersection of Newark Street and Connecticut Avenue NW, which is by the Uptown Theatre.  For Shaw, I ran the stats for 7th and P Streets NW, which is near the Kennedy Recreation Center and the O Street Market project.

Note: All numbers below are for Jan. 1 to Dec. 10 of this year and encompass an area within a 1,500-foot radius of the given address. The numbers are from the MPD’s crime database as of Dec. 10 (numbers were run on Dec. 13).


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Borderstanians: Following is detailed info on the five robberies that occurred in neighborhoods around Rock Creek Park on Monday evening. This information is from Acting Commander Matt Klein of the MPD Second District. None of the holdups were in Dupont Circle or Logan Circle; all were west or northwest of us.


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Your chance to adopt a cat–TOMORROW, Saturday, October 18.

Come and adopt a new feline friend–lots of cats and kittens will be available for adoption at this event. These cats were rescued by Metroferals and other local, nonprofit groups that seek to humanely control the outdoor cat population. Feral cats are trapped, neutered, and returned to their supervised colonies. Only tame animals are offered for adoption.


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