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Cooper's Hawk, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Borderstan, Logan Circle

This hawk, or one of his friends, has been spotted several times recently in the vicinity of 15th and Q Streets NW.

From Matty Rhoades

It was a quiet Saturday morning at home. The window shades were up with the back garden in full view. I have some transitional spring flowers in hanging baskets and my summer red geraniums are already in the boxes on the fence. It’s a nice view.

Suddenly my spouse said, “Something horrible is happening back there!”

“What!?” says me. I went to the window, thinking there was probably a dead rat on the patio. Instead, I saw a grayish-brown hawk dining on a dead pigeon — the small downy feathers of the unfortunate bird scattered on the bricks.

Hawks, which are raptors, are sometimes spotted in urban areas. Mice, rats, pigeons and small birds are all good meals for them.



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