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Saw this at Logan Circle News… The D.C. Schoolyard Greening Program (DCSGP) is sponsored by the D.C. Environmental Education Consortium. The Greening Program’s mission is to “Increase and improve schoolyard green spaces to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship among students, teachers, parents and the surrounding community.”

DCSGP’s School Garden Week is Oct. 6-11, and there is a garden-photo contest for students.From the D.C. Schoolyard Greening Web site:

The 2nd Annual D.C. School Garden Week is scheduled for Oct. 6-11, 2008.  This week we celebrate and build awareness about DC’s school gardens. There are many different types of gardening projects in approximately 80 DC schools. These gardens provide wildlife habitat, absorb stormwater runoff, beautify schoolyards, nourish students’ minds and bodies, and more. We encourage everyone to get out to explore and celebrate DC school gardens!

Get more information about the garden photo contest for students; the deadline for photo submissions is September 22.


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