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Not only, Where is Borderstan?… but more importantly, Why in the hell does this place even exist?

The idea of Borderstan is to bring together the neighbors in a small section of the city who want to work together on public safety issues. It is not a marketing idea and no one wants to rename any neighborhoods. Borderstan is about people in a small area working together to solve some issues around public safety.

Here’s why.

The beautiful land of Borderstan is the crossroads between Dupont Circle and Logan Circle… between NoMa/downtown and U Street/Shaw. Our eastern border is 14th Street NW and our western border is 16th Street NW; our southern border is P Street NW and our northern border is S Street NW.

You may visit us every day — you just didn’t know it.

The “Main Street” of Borderstan is 15th Street NW, which is also the dividing line between two city neighborhoods, Dupont Circle to the west and Logan Circle to the east. In addition, the eastern half of Borderstan is part of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2F while the western half of Borderstan is in ANC 2B.

Adding to the fun is the fact that 15th Street is the dividing line between two Police districts. West Borderstan (remember that’s west of 15th) is in the 2nd Police District and PSA 208. East Borderstan is in the 3rd Police District and PSA 307. Oh, yeah: PSA 208 used to be called PSA 306 when it was in the 3rd Police District.

This is why we exist: we had issues in the past with coordination of city services, including police patrols, because of all the city boundaries that run through the middle of our land. Now that we have our own autonomous region, life is becoming happier in Borderstan.


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