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This week we get high on pie from the Dangerously Delicious pie truck.

Food Selection

The menu at Dangerously Delicious’ brick-and-mortar restaurants boasts dozens of sweet and savory pies and quiches, ranging from the classic apple and chicken pot varieties to zanier selections like pancake batter and tofu curry. The truck features a selection of about six to seven sweet and savory options daily, as well as two quiches (here’s a screenshot of the menu on the day I went).

Because they are indeed so delicious, I would advise you to stalk the truck on Twitter and hightail it outside as soon as they park so you can be sure to get your pick of that day’s offerings… sadly, almost two-thirds of the savory pies and both quiches were already sold out by the time I got to the truck around 12:45 pm.

Price range: Sweet pies are $6.50, quiche is $7, and savory pies are $7.50. A side salad is also included with all savory pies and quiches.

The Verdict!

  • Wait time: 5/5. I was still signing my receipt when the guy handed me my pies, so wait time was pretty non-existent.
  • Service: 5/5. A kindly man with awesome tattoos was on duty the day that I went, and was more than happy to explain the various pie acronyms to me. He also didn’t seem to mind that I called the S.M.O.G. pie “smog” pie, which I’m pretty sure is gross and not correct.
  • Bang for your buck: 5/5. Considering you basically need to sell your firstborn child to afford a salad or sandwich in DC, spending $7.50 for a monster slice of pie with copious amounts of filling – AND a salad – is pretty good. The $6 slices of sweet pie are also large enough to share if you’re so inclined.

    (Katie Andriulli)

    (Katie Andriulli)

  • Deliciousness: 5/5. As mentioned above, there were limited options left by the time I arrived, but luckily they still had the savory S.M.O.G (steak, mushroom, onion and Gruyere cheese) and the sweet Baltimore Bomb on board, which is what I opted for. Being a relative newcomer to the world of savory pies, I was slightly concerned that it would look like this horror show from the nursery rhyme, but when I opened up my box o’ pie I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

Let’s get a close-up on the filling…

    • (Katie Andriulli)

      (Katie Andriulli)

      Heck. Yes. The crust was perfectly flaky, and the steak was tender, blending seamlessly with the onions, mushrooms, Gruyere and just enough cream to add a touch of richness without weighing down the other ingredients.

      Once I plowed through my S.M.O.G. I turned my sights to the Baltimore Bomb, their signature vanilla chess pie topped with Berger Cookies (a chocolate-topped shortbread):


      (Katie Andriulli)

      The cookies not only melt into the filling itself they also caramelize on top of the pie, adding a lovely crispy texture to each bite. Because I am a generous individual (and because I like to have leverage with my co-workers) I cut the pie up into pieces and shared it with them.

      Everyone was either rendered speechless by how awesome it was, or used creative expletives to describe their pie-induced bliss. There was a major debate about whether or not the pie should be heated up, prompting me to pop it in the microwave for comparison purposes. The pie filling held up better in the cold version, IMHO, but it tasted delicious warm too, so, ya know, do what you want (YOLO).

      The only issue I found was that the salad became a bit warm whilst trapped inside the container with the hot pie rendering it a bit wilted and unappetizing by the time I turned my attention to it. Honestly, though, it was nice to have it there since it made me feel slightly less like a fat kid and more like someone eating a balanced lunch.

    • Overall: 4.5/5. If you think all pies should be sweet by definition, you need to seriously re-think your life choices…and track down Dangerously Delicious ASAP.

Follow Dangerously Delicious on Twitter @ThePieTruckDC and check out their website for their full menu.

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