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Circulator busD.C. residents and visitors are slated to have a new way to travel around Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and downtown when they can’t — or don’t — want to use Metrorail.

Some Circulator buses are scheduled to get longer operating hours starting Sunday in an effort to help Red Line Metro riders during the next two months, according to the District Department of Transportation.

Metro trains won’t run between the Fort Totten and NoMa stations from Oct. 29 to Nov. 22 as part of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s SafeTrack repair work.

According to a DDOT news release, the Circulator service changes include:

  • Morning service on the Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-McPherson Square, the Georgetown-Union Station and the Dupont- Georgetown-Rosslyn routes will begin an hour earlier at 6 am Monday through Friday.
  • Late night service will be extended on the Georgetown-Union Station and the Dupont-Georgetown- Rosslyn routes until 3 am Friday and Saturday instead of 2 am.
  • The Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-McPherson Square will continue to run until 3:30 am.
  • Late night service on the Georgetown-Union Station route will be extended to run the full length of the route. Currently, the bus stops at McPherson Square Metro after 9 pm.

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DC taxicab, Luis Gomez Photos, Flickr, Borderstan

Will D.C. go to a taxicab medallion system? (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Bye Bye Blue Boxes

We heard a while back that the Post Office at 14th and T Streets NW is bidding us adieu. In the same vein, if you’ve wondering why it’s not always easy, it’s because the blue mailboxes have also been slowly disappearing all over town, as DCist reports. It’s apparently been quite subtle — 194 boxes have already been removed and we haven’t really noticed (which obviously justifies the course of action). No, they’re not going away all together, but you may have to work a little harder to find one.

Medallion System for D.C. Taxicabs?

And speaking of going away, are taxis the next to thing to decrease in numbers? WTOP brings us the story about the D.C. Council’s consideration of requiring all taxis to have a special medallion that would allow them to operate in the District. Not only would it limit the number of cabs that we have, but it could also bring in $200 to $400 million to the government. Stay tuned for more info about this one.


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A special Metro route map with the Circulator Bus routes. (Map: Greater Greater Washington.)

A special Metro route map with the Circulator Bus routes. (Map: Greater Greater Washington.)

“Thank you” to the very-cool wonks at Greater Greater Washington for this pimped-out Metro map that includes the DC Circulator Bus routes. Dave Alpert has even included a PDF map you can download and print.

Why aren’t these guys running the customer service department at WMATA?

For example, when I go to the WMATA/Metro site, why isn’t there an easy-to-find link to the DC Circulator bus site? You have to click on “Getting Around,” and then on “Regional Transportation” and then scroll down under “Bus Service” to find “DC Circulator.”Or I a missing something on WMATA’s Web site?

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Click on the map for DC Circulator bus route information. (Image: DC Circulator Web site.)

Click on the map for DC Circulator bus route information. (Image: DC Circulator Web site.)

One of the new DC Circulator bus routes will serve Borderstan, going up 14th Street NW from McPherson Square Metro stop to Adams Morgan and Woodley Park Metro (PDF map here). From the DC Circulator Web site:

The DC Circulator is thrilled to announce two new routes: Union Station – Navy Yard Metro and Woodley Park – Adams Morgan – McPherson Square Metro, starting service March 29th.



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