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Tired of dealing with parking pigs? (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Pimp Your Parking Spot

A new website will help frustrated drivers find parking spaces, but only if you are in the market for a permanent (or at least monthly) rental arrangement. The site,, began in the UK and is just emerging stateside. WTOP has more info about the service and what to expect in terms of location and pricing in our area. It also provides info you can use if you have an alley spot you are not currently using.

BTW, don’t be a parking pig. Are you one?

Councilman Harry Thomas Likely to Plead Guilty

According to the The Washington Post, who got it from the courthouse files, Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. was charged with embezzlement and filing a false tax return on Thursday. The type of filing indicates he has agreed to plea guilty, which corresponds with rumors that Thomas met with friends to discuss the sentence this week. Thomas is alleged to have embezzled over $300,000 of funds intended for youth sports programs between April 2007 and February 2009.

If you are wondering what he purchased with at least a portion of the funds, take your best guess based on his colleagues expenditures. If you guessed an expensive sport utility vehicle, you would be correct! Given his tax fraud, he also must forfeit a motorcycle and a Chevy Tahoe. Given how beholden our Councilmembers are to their expensive motor vehicles, is it any real wonder that DC’s public transportation is suffering from neglect and underfunding?

Single Tracking All Weekend on Metro

It’s almost as if it was on cue! WJLA reports that the Red, Orange, Blue and Green lines will all experience single-tracking in one or more locations this weekend. For those in Dupont headed north, your train will single-track to Friendship Heights. Green line folks around Petworth, expect delays as those trains single-track between Petworth and Ft. Totten stations. The work begins at 10 p.m. on Friday evening and will continue throughout the weekend.

Confederate History in Logan Circle

You may have seen a small, pretty red brick house sandwiched between an office building and apartment building in Logan Circle and wondered what on earth it was doing still intact in that location. A fun article (hey, I’m from Virginia and was raised by a U.S. History teacher, I think it’s fun) in the Washington Times Community section may indicate one reason why the home endures: it was the home of one rogue or heroic, depending on which side of the Mason-Dixon line you were raised on, Col. John Mosby. He was known as the Grey Ghost for the particular hit and run skill of his calvary unit and his Confederate greys.

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Borderstan Map, Dupont, Logan, U Street

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

Azi’s Cafe Sold

Azi’s Cafe at 9th and O Streets NW has been sold. The new owner will continue to operate it as a cafe, according to 14th & You. The cafe was what you might call a groundbreaking business in that part of Shaw (and the coffee was great).

Good Lord, Another One?

The latest member of the D.C. Council to face ethical and legal problems is Harry Thomas Jr. (D-Ward 5). According to Dcist, Thomas “may have used money meant for a non-profit organization to cover a number of personal expenses.” Check out the story — and the list. Oh, and for good measure, The Washington Post has a story, Scandals are taking D.C. back to the bad old days, some say. BTW, The Examiner says that Thomas used $300,000 meant for youth baseball for his own use.

The Geography of Rent Control in D.C.

Lydia DePillis over at the Washington City Paper’s Housing Complex Blog takes a look at where rent controlled apartments are — or at least should be — located across the city. She cites a study that says 57% of the city’s 137,657 rental units are potentially subject to rent control. What’s the criteria? According to the story, rent controlled apartments must be “built before 1978, composed of five or more units, and not claiming any of a handful of exemptions available to them.” Check out the cool map with the story — there are huge clusters of apartments in the Dupont, Logan, U Street, Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan neighborhoods.

Woman Claiming Sress Disorder in Dupont Hit-and-Run Death

The Washington Post reports that “The woman whose SUV struck and killed a Columbia woman in Dupont Circle in October was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when she hit the woman and then drove home, her attorney told a D.C. Superior Court jury Tuesday.” Prosecutors are claiming that Jorida Davidson, 31, was drunk during the incident that killed 24-year-old Kiela M. Ryan. Defense attorneys claim that Davidson suffers from stress disorder and trauma from growing up in warn-torn Albania.


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