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Dogtoberfest (Facebook:Glens Garden Market)

Lederhosen, dogs, German food and beer — lots and lots of beer — will abound at an annual celebration in Dupont Circle this weekend.

Glen’s Garden Market (2001 S St. NW) will host its second annual “Dogtoberfest” this Saturday from 3-7 p.m. The event was originally scheduled for last weekend, but uncertainty about the weather pushed it back.

Flying Dog Brewery is the market’s partner for the event and will bring three seasonal brews as well as collars and treats for the dogs.

The menu includes sweet and sour cabbage, cheddar bacon bratwurst and apple strudel. The market’s regular food service will also continue, but dogs are not allowed inside the store.

Patrons will use tickets to purchase food and beverages at Dogtoberfest. Tickets are sold on site and cost $2 each. Beers and food will cost two tickets, while larger plates will cost three.

“We are super excited about the weather forecast this weekend,” Glen’s Garden Market catering director Shana Muhammad said. “We’re hoping people will come by with a great attitude and ready to have fun.”

Wearing lederhosen, dirndls and other festival clothing is highly encouraged, Muhammad said. Dogs should follow the same dress code.

Photo via Glen’s Garden Market

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Good public relations are very important as we raise our dogs in the city. (Rachel Jones)

From Rachel Jones. Email her at rjones[AT] A professional dog trainer, she is the owner of K-9 Divine.

As a trainer, I get called in to help in many situations that are less about dog behavior than about good public relations between dog owners and their neighbors. Washingtonians live in a small, crowded city that is not very dog-friendly. As dog owners, we need to do our part to change the perception of dogs and owners that is held by many residents and members of the city government.

  • Apartment dwellers can save themselves a lot of trouble by pre-empting complaints about barking and dog noise from their neighbors. For example, before you bring your new dog home, send around a note or go around personally to the neighbors and let them know that you are getting a new dog and you want to make sure the dog isn’t making too much noise. People are likely to be forgiving if your new dog is noisy for a few weeks if you warned them in advance. Spend an hour with a trainer to work on nice, quiet behavior in the apartment and the elevator and your neighbors will be very grateful.
  • Pick up your dog’s poop! We might be allowed to use schoolyards and parks to exercise our dogs if everyone cleaned up after their own dog. If you see a pile of poop that doesn’t belong to your dog and you have an extra bag, pick that up too!
  • When you are out walking your dog, don’t allow him to approach strangers. Not everyone wants your dog to sniff them. Even if your dog has no training, you should be able to use the leash to keep her away from people. Parents of small children, people who fear dogs and people who are eating at outdoor restaurants will appreciate your efforts to keep your dog a good distance away from them.

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Love your dog: she depends on you.  (Luis Gomez Photos).

From Candida Mannozzi. You can reach her at [email protected].

Borderstan, some of you may have seen scenes like this and I’m not sure where you come down on them, but I’m declaring my displeasure.

I am usually fine with the sight of dogs tied up outside various neighborhood establishments, as it normally involves a 5- to 10-minute foray into the supermarket, pharmacy or flower shop of choice. Fine, you remembered you needed dish soap as you were walking your pet, and combined a quick pop into the store with the rest of the walk. No problem, I hear and understand you.

But do not get me started on the folks who tie their dog up outside a restaurant or bar while they are inside hanging out — inside — with friends, having drinks or even a full-blown meal while their pet is sitting outside, tied to a railing or tree box. My latest such sighting came as I was walking a friend’s dog at night and we turned the corner onto Church Street NW.

My dog was sniffing along and suddenly we heard a pitiful whine coming from a pet tied up in the next tree box, essentially sitting in all the pee and other traces left by earlier dogs, unable to defend himself if attacked, looking and sounding pretty vulnerable and miserable.

For real?! This particular owner couldn’t take their pet back home before hitting the happy hour or getting to their dinner date?

I imagine that sometimes the daily walks can be a drag or an interruption to our other activities; in certain weather they’re downright uncomfortable. But let’s not forget that dogs living in city apartments or condos, with no yard to run around and relieve themselves in, rely on those walks for an essential function, one they’ve patiently and generously learned to avoid doing around our homes. Let’s at least show them the courtesy and caring not to make those moments outdoors become associated with feeling abandoned, exposed and otherwise humiliated.

Finally, kudos to all those caring dog owners who don’t subject their pets to the behavior described above. You are (thankfully!) the rule.

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

From Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancaster or email her at [email protected].

Kwame Brown Gets Fully Blasted

Chuck Thies minces no words when it comes to his feelings regarding the work performance of DC Council Chair Kwame Brown in this article, found in Georgetown Dish. The short story is this: Brown tweeted a picture about real change occurring when politicians were making minimum wage; Thies takes issue with this tweet and Brown’s $190,000 a year salary. But the short story barely covers the list Thies assembled of items that have yet to be answered or delivered by Brown on his more-than-minimum-wage salary.

Riding and Running

As someone who was once a college student, I’m familiar with the ‘dine and dash.’ As someone who worked tables while in college, I curse this ‘prank.’ Turns out I’m not the only one — taxi drivers lambasted the number of passengers that get a ride, then ditch the fare. In DCist’s coverage of the hearing at the DC Taxicab Commission, a number of drivers said the problem was widespread and had gotten worse since meters were installed. We all know that the zone system allowed some abuses in the amount charged, but if this is widespread, then yes, the city should be acting. That’s apparently the plan, as the Commissioner has asked for cabbies to submit testimony documenting the occasions.

Contemporary Wing Announces 14th Street Addy

The gallery Contemporary Wing has secured a sought-after 14th Street NW location, at 1412 14th Street. The location was announced ahead of the planned November 1 announcement on their website (we got an email note). The space is leased from Lori Graham Design and Contemporary Wing will have the front exhibition area. They plan to open in mid-November and we’ll let you know when you can go check it out.

Reeves Center: Unfitting Memorial to Civil Rights Great?

It is hard to imagine that a man who fought for school desegregation, worked with JFK on minority affairs and broke color barriers in DC politics would be pleased with his namesake building, the Frank D. Reeves Center on U Street NW. While it’s a fine building from an aesthetic perspective, the pictures say a million words in this Washington City Paper exploration of the building. The accompanying text is plenty powerful, though, and documents a building that is in need of repair and some oversight. Councilman Jim Graham can’t be pleased at the investigation Loose Lips took into an area called his constituent service area, which is being used by the All Faith Consortium instead of Graham.

Lincoln Theatre Counterpoint

Eli Lehrer has graced this page before due to his Huffington Post blog on why DC isn’t a great food city (and several readers agreed). Now he’s back, to take on an equally contentious topic involving whether the city should let the Lincoln Theatre wither. His take? The Lincoln is a “white elephant” that may “hurt the ability of the area to emerge as a stronger arts destination.” The stance may be unpopular, but it is guided by a sentiment shared by many owners and patrons of the arts. Government restrictions on noise combined with rent make U Street a tough place to preserve and grow a robust jazz scene. I still am not sure I agree with the idea that Crystal City has more jazz on Saturday than U Street, though. Someone, do the math!

Puppy Halloween Pictures

Sorry for a bummer of a Stuff for the second Friday in a row. After you’ve read Laura’s column and decided where to get real boozy with it this weekend, shake off that Friday malaise/hangover with some really cute dogs in some cute and some questionable Halloween costumes from the Washingtonian. If you can do better, send me your pics and we’ll figure out some puppy power prizes.

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You may notice that by putting these two events in one posting that I am playing to a stereotype of Borderstan: a place where outsiders believe dogs are more important than kids. Well, tough. It’s been a long week and I don’t feel like doing two separate postings. So, here is an event for families with kids and an event for families with dogs. (more…)


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