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56 Lincoln Continental, 15th Street NW

15th and Q Streets NW: A 1956 Continental Mark II. The Mark II was made for two years, 1956-57, and was actually a separate line from Lincoln. It cost $10,000 in 1956. (Matty Rhoades)

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Councilman Orange Calls for Term Limits, Full Time Commitment

While it is a bit odd to hear a call for term limits from a previous Council member that just won back a seat, it is the agenda Vincent Orange introduced on Monday. DCist has the full scoop on the proposal. Also in the proposal — additional compensation to make up for lost income as Council members become full-time legislators. Other ideas up his sleeve include a Ward 5 strip club moratorium and a job czar post.

What the Fillmore Means to 9:30 Club, Black Cat

I saw the snazzy looking opening of the Fillmore while driving home from a wedding and thought, “Cool, another music venue.” While I have yet to check it out, this Washingtonian blog makes me question my initial reaction a bit. Or, to be completely honest, the fact that the Fillmore is a Live Nation venture made me recoil a bit. The impact of the new venue in Charlotte took a heavy toll on the smaller venues, given Live Nation’s exclusivity agreements with bands. Will it play out that way in DC, too, or does the loyalty of fans and bands alike run deep enough to counter the draw of more coin?

DC Firefighters Burn Foundation Holding Barbecue

Nope, not a play on words. The DC Firefighters Burn Foundation is a great charity run by some truly great people, which should be reason enough to pick Meridian Pint as your Redskins-Cowboys viewing venue. Add in the outdoor barbecue, full range of DC Brau and 25% off apps and you have one awesome Monday night in the name of charity. Get out to this and other events listed over at the The Washington Post.

Homicide Ruling in on Death in Columbia Heights

Gay engineer Gaurav Gopalan was found dead on September 10 near Columbia Heights. His death was just confirmed as a homicide by the Medical Examiner’s Office. Given the cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma to the head, it seems curious to the folks at the Blade as to the delay in the homicide ruling. The identification was delayed, as Gopalan was found dressed in women’s clothing. Our thoughts go out to his partner, his family and friends. It seems he may have been at Town earlier in the evening, so watch out for each other in the streets and stay safe, folks.

Sugar in Your Coffee, Camera in the Bathroom

In the ‘continuing the news that makes you cringe’ theme, a five year old girl noticed a video camera in a Starbucks bathroom near the Archives metro stop as she was using the toilet. Starbucks called the cops and offered a beverage, but the WTOP story indicates there may be more at stake than some pumpkin lattes on the house brewing.

What Does $20 Get You at Whole Foods?

The timeless debate over where your paycheck goes to at the store may finally be cleared up for us. Okay, that’s a lie, but if you bought the $10 for $20 of stuff deal from Living Social, you may be wondering how to get the best bang for your buck. So Whole Foods tasked staffers with making $20 baskets to counter the whisper campaign that $20 didn’t go very far. It’s smart PR and also a pretty interesting glimpse into other people’s grocery baskets (I know you look, it’s an awesome urban game). Check out their blog here. I didn’t get the deal but I know my basket would have as much wine as possible for $20. Priorities!


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