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Pope Alert! — In September, Pope Francis will visit St. Matthew’s Cathedral as part of his North America travel. Church officials say they’re preparing to host approximately 25,000 visitors. [Borderstan]

Holiday Metro Prep — On Independence Day, Metro will run near rush-hour service levels from 2 p.m. until after the fireworks. Parking will be free and off-peak fares will be offered. [ABC7]

Park View Robbery — Last Saturday, two men robbed and destroyed much of the interior of the 77 Market at Georgia Avenue and Irving Street NW. ANC1A commissioner Kent Boese to look into what he says is a “serious crime trend in the area.” [Park View DC]

Sinkhole Warning — The 4800 block of 7th Street NW in Petworth closed yesterday after a sinkhole opened in the middle of the street. [NBC]

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4th of July in D.C: The National Mall hosts events, concerts, fireworks. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Editor’s note: We originally posted this piece last June 30 and have updated it for this year’s events.

From Matty Rhoades

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Thinking about making a last-minute dash out of town for the three-day weekend? The Delaware beaches? New York? There are many reasons to stay in the city,  as well as reasons to leave.

The Fourth of July weekend is a big holiday in D.C. We get lots of visitors. Some are locals from the suburbs who come into the city for a day. Others are tourists who stay longer and bless us with their dollars at hotels and local businesses.

About the concerts and fireworks and crowds on the National Mall: Make it a point to go once in your lifetime — it’s more than enough.



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