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4th of July in D.C: The National Mall hosts events, concerts, fireworks. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Editor’s note: We originally posted this piece last June 30 and have updated it for this year’s events.

From Matty Rhoades

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Thinking about making a last-minute dash out of town for the three-day weekend? The Delaware beaches? New York? There are many reasons to stay in the city,  as well as reasons to leave.

The Fourth of July weekend is a big holiday in D.C. We get lots of visitors. Some are locals from the suburbs who come into the city for a day. Others are tourists who stay longer and bless us with their dollars at hotels and local businesses.

About the concerts and fireworks and crowds on the National Mall: Make it a point to go once in your lifetime — it’s more than enough.



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