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"Vincent Gray"

Mayor Vincent Gray proposes increased jail time for drunken drivers. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Drunk driving laws could change in the city. Last week, Mayor Vincent Gray unveiled a new proposal to stiffen DC’s drunk driving laws, and the worst offenders could have an increase in their minimum jail sentences.

The Examiner reports that the measure, currently pending before City Council, would boost sentences for drivers with a blood-alcohol content of 0.20 or higher to at least 10 days in jail. Currently, District law requires five days for such an infraction. For drivers who blow a 0.25 or above, the penalty under Gray’s plan would jump to a minimum of 15 days in jail. Gray’s proposal would also increase fines for less serious instances of impaired driving.

It is estimated that these new measures would affect nearly half of individuals arrested for drunken driving.

Gray’s spokesman called the initiative “part of a broader effort to reduce traffic issues … and … to make it safe to come into the District.”

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Some interesting and useful stuff we found.

New Columbia Heights has NextBus is up!

After lots of delay and hair-pulling, Metro’s Next Bus system is up and running — the website works from your mobile device or your computer, and shows you when the next bus is coming, plus a map, all in real time. You can also call the service for the same information. I didn’t use it this morning, but it seems to be working — anyone use it this morning? The Circulator bus has a similar app as well.



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