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(Courtesy of Koban Project and Delicious Spectacle)

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In the art world, we tend to focus a lot on the newest gallery event or exhibition opening. But at the end of the day it’s important to swivel back a little and dive into the introspectiveness of what we do. What is the art our clients are making? How is it affecting our nuclear community and causing ripples into the greater art world at large? Is it even having an impact in today’s society?

These overarching questions are important, and that’s why for our weekly Borderstan post are writing about the Hamiltonian Gallery‘s newest event; a conversation focused purely on how a rapidly emerging art form (the DIY) is deeply affecting a larger, ever-changing genre (contemporary art). Murals on decrepit walls, elaborate chalk drawings on sidewalks, an artistic takeover of an abandoned lot. We see this happening daily in our small cluster of neighborhoods and that’s why this conversation could not be more current.

The founding members of Delicious Spectacle and the Baltimore-based Koban Project will be facilitating the conversation, which starts at 7 pm, June 17 at Hamiltonian Gallery. If you’re at all interested in the state of contemporary art and the emerging, economically sound form of DIY art, we seriously hope to see — and hear your voice — there.

Hamiltonian Gallery is at 1353 U Street NW.

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