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The Diamond Box at Nats Park: The perfect place to watch the baseball game. (Scott Leibowitz)

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Over the years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to attend many live sporting events, especially baseball.  While ticket prices for games have steadily risen over the years, most stadiums keep their worst seats at an affordable rate for the regular folk and make attending a game an easy decision. Sure, there are field level, luxury box and, probably, deluxe seats I have never heard of but these concepts have always been pipe dreams for me… until last weekend.

Thanks to my amazing girlfriend and her company’s bank, we were given two tickets to last Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game in a PNC Diamond Club Box. Now maybe some of ya’ll have enjoyed this section of Nationals Park before, but it was a first for both of us and we both agreed, it was the best professional baseball game we had ever attended.

On the tickets it said there would be free food and drinks, so we had expectations for some goodies. But when we walked into the giant suite behind home plate, we were amazed at our discovery. The moment we stepped in, we were given disposable wristbands and were whisked into the 1%’s world of luxury and indulgence. Here are some of the highlights.

Food, The Glorious Free Food. This was like being at the cocktail hour of an A-List wedding. Food stations with fresh cut meat, a candy table with recently popped pop corn, and a hot dog making station with all the trimmings were waiting for us. If there hadn’t been TVs showing the game, I would have totally forgotten that there was one on and that that was why I came. On top of all this, the bar was open, wide open. I got my fill of draft Sam Summer and was a very happy spectator.

Waiter Service. Now, I have seen some sections where you have the option of ordering. In the PNC section, there is an army of stadium workers going back and forth with just about anything you want (for free of course), and this is included in the great open bar. When I wanted a hot dog and a beer in the 2nd inning, I certainly didn’t get up. I just ordered it and by the next inning, it was there.

The Crowd. As you can imagine, this whole experience made me a bit like a child in a candy shop as I enjoyed all the perks with a big smile on my face — not the style of a seasoned rich person. I can’t imagine these seats are owned by individuals but rather corporations who give them out often. The two Romney voters next to us were unimpressed by my excitement and wonder, and spent most of the game yelling at people in their view and talking about workout routines. Friendlier people sit in the upper-deck bleachers.

The actual seats were amazing, we saw the whole field and the pitcher before he throws. At the end of the game, the servers were walking around throwing bars of ice cream to everyone; it was grand! To top that, after the game there was a free Third Eye Blind concert at 2nd base which was pretty okay (let’s be honest, they aren’t the Beatles and only have three songs you remember, but those three songs sounded great). I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy normal seats at a game ever again after being spoiled like this.

In the Hopper

FOOTBALL. Done with two of my four4 fantasy league drafts so far. Next week, we are talking football.

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