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Diana Attrache at her studio.

Diana Attrache in her studio. (Photos: Luis Gomez)

Diana Attrache has been living in the United States for 12 years two of those in Chicago and the rest in Washington. In fact, Diana is a former Borderstanian who now lives elsewhere in the city.

However, Diana’s paintings are all around us. (We own one of her paintings and she is a good friend). She was born in a creative family in Lebanon where design and textiles were all around; her father and two brothers are fashion designers.

However, Diana chose to express her creativity through painting. Inspired by the colors and textures she saw growing up in the family business, she creates her paintings with a rhythm of full strokes, using oil-based paints.

Diana grew up in Lebanon at a time when the country  was at war. Although those days were difficult, they were also filled with many beautiful moments.

Growing up in such a rich culture and in such a beautiful place as Lebanon was very inspiring, according to Diana. “I like to think that some of that finds its way in my art.”

Diana started painting 10 years ago when she first came to the United States. Living in Chicago, she wanted to pick up painting again, which she had done on a casual basis back home in Lebanon. She considers herself a self-taught painter, although she has taken a few classes.

“Painting in Chicago was an outlet for my thoughts and a way to express this new life,” Diana said.

Diana said that her father has been a big influence in her life, and that paining is “second nature” because of her creative family; she also credits the support of her sister for her painting.

As for her work, “I like to work with color and texture and most of my paintings are abstract works that I hope have a very positive energy to them. Often, just by observing things day-to-day, I become inspired by a certain colors or combinations of colors and that sends me to the canvas to work.”

Diana has had several exhibitions of her work at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and  has also participated in the Artomatic events for the past two years. Her work has also been shown at various establishments in DC.

Why does Diana like Borderstan? “It is a great place in the city and I like to explore all the great coffee shops and restaurants in the area. I enjoy its diversity and life on the street I think it’s one of the most interesting parts of the city right now.”

Photos by Luis Gomez Photos.


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