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Andrew Lara Khelan Bhatia Duplex Diner

At left, Andrew wears a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt, dress shirt from J.Crew and tie from Tommy Hilfiger. Khelan is in a blazer from H&M, oxford shirt from American Apparel and madras tie from J.Crew.

Khelan Bhatia lives in the U Street area and recently started writing about style for Borderstan.

Welcome back, Borderstanis, to my second column on style and fashion. I promise to do my best not to have a sophomore-slump, like so many of our favorite musicians.

So speaking of music, I recently attended a Glee-inspired birthday party for my friends, Andrew and Paul, at the Duplex Diner. The invitations, decorations and music were all influenced by that kitschy musical dramedy set in high school. The birthday boys even did their own fun riff on Darren Criss’s “Kurt’s Teenage Dream.”

At the party, I kept thinking about Glee’s popularity and why it resonates with so many of us who haven’t seen the halls of our high schools in years.

Why is it such a phenomenon? Is it the Broadwayesque renditions of pop songs we say we hate (but secretly love)? Well, sure. Who doesn’t want to hear what those kids do with Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or even Florence + the Machine?



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