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(Updated at 4:01 p.m.) A red-tailed hawk has been spotted swooping at dogs at Francis Dog Park in West End, according to the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation.

“The warning was issued because members of the public had seen the hawk swooping at dogs,” said Parks and Rec spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump.

Though we didn’t see the rampaging raptor when we visited the park earlier this morning, several dog owners there said they’ve seen a hawk circling the area. (more…)

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Dog park dogs (Photo via Twitter/D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation)

Dogs are set to have a D.C.-approved space of their own to sniff, frolic and play outdoors without their leashes in West End next week.

The unofficial Francis Dog Park at 25th and M streets NW is slated to become official Nov. 27, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation tweeted today.

Deemed the “Best Future Dog Park” by Washington City Paper this year, the fenced-in field is “one of the few spaces in the city where dogs can still be dogs and owners aren’t prone to hovering or fretting,” according to the newspaper.

“Little dogs are welcome, but the action gets rowdy: The sheer size of the fenced area attracts big, fast dogs ready to chase tennis balls and wrestle in mud,” Washington City Paper noted. “Wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, and be prepared to see a few snarls and dust-ups.”

Photo via Twitter/D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

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Bruce Monroe Dog Run (Photo via Facebook/ Save the Bruce Monroe Community Park Dog Run)A “bio-retention area” previously used as a makeshift dog run at Bruce Monroe Community Park in Park View will stay forever closed to sprinting canines, said District Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) officials.

A group of dog owners rallied to regain access to the unused patch of grass after workers locked the gate that led to it last month.

“People have been using that as a place to run their dogs for basically as long as the community garden has been there,” said dog owner and “Save the Bruce Monroe Community Park Dog Run” group organizer Dave Bobeck last month. “It’s been uncontested as far as I know and we want to restore access to that immediately if possible. Failing that, we’d at least like to know what the issues are with the dog run use and have a chance to address those issues.”

In a handout sent to Borderstan by ANC 1A Commissioner Rashida Brown, DPR makes its response clear:

“Foot traffic (by both humans and dogs) degrades the function of bio-retention areas by compacting the layers of soil that serves to absorb storm-water, eventually leading to erosion issues and reduced function of the bio-retention area. Further, dog waste (especially urine that can’t be picked up) is harmful to the required plantings in this type of bio-retention area.”

Furthermore, Brown said in an e-mail to Park View residents that “the padlock and ‘no dogs allowed’ sign on the gate around the bio-retention site must not be removed. Trespassing laws also apply to this area.”

But a permanently locked gate may soon be the least of the dog owners’ worries. A proposal to redevelop the Park Morton housing community could put the Bruce Monroe Community Park itself at risk of being paved over entirely.

Naturally, some Park View residents have already launched a petition to “Save Bruce Monroe Community Park” in response.

Petition-signers will meet with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to discuss the proposal at the Park View Recreation Center (693 Otis Place NW) tomorrow evening at 7 p.m.

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Bundy Dog Park (Photo via Facebook/ Bundy Dog Park)Dog lovers and beer lovers are set to come together on Thursday for “Dogtoberfest” at Dacha Beer Garden, a fundraiser for a Shaw dog park.

Patrons who donate to Bundy Dog Park will receive happy hour discounts on DC Brau’s Oktoberfest beer from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday.

The Bundy Dog Park at 470 P St. NW is managed by a non-profit, which holds fundraisers to pay for park cleanup and plastic bags in the park. Funds raised during Dogtoberfest will also go toward building a water source for dogs in the park, according to Dacha Beer Garden.

Photo via Facebook/ Bundy Dog Park

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"dog park"

Saturday, April 13, 9 am: S Street Dog Park Clean Up. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Come out this Saturday morning, April 13, at 9 am and help with a spring clean up of the S Street Dog Park. It will involve some leaf removal, trash pick up, weeding around the fences and some general maintenance.

The park is located in the triangle area  bounded by S, 17th and New Hampshire NW.

There will be tools available but if you can bring your gloves or a rake or an outdoor broom that might be helpful. Work shouldn’t take more than an hour if there is a good turn out, according to organizers.

After the dog park clean up is finished, you are also invited to join the Dupont Circle Citizens Association in sprucing up the neighboring T Street “People Park” at 17th and T Streets.

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Dog Park at 17th & S Street, NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

The city appears to be close to finishing the dog park at 17th & S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Dog Park on 17th & S Street, NW.(Photo:Luis Gomez)

Artificial turf went down at the new dog park at 17th & S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

The city dog park under construction at 17th-S-New Hampshire NW seems to be almost ready. Today I watched them put down some very green material that is some sort of artificial turf (think AstroTurf). The workers unrolled the sheets-of-green and then stapled it down. There is even an artificial hill in the center of the park.

After delays due to the heavy May and June rains, a great deal of work has been done in the past week–although I didn’t see an opening date posted on the location today.

I have to ask… What will dog pee do to artificial turf? Will it be easy to pick up dog-doo? Will the turf be hosed down with detergent periodically?

I have to say, though, that artificial turf sounds better than the sharp, dusty rock chips in the Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW. Lupe often comes home with banged up feet from that surface.

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Construction of the East Dupont Dog Park is underway at 17th-New Hampshire-S Streets NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

Construction of the dog park in East Dupont is underway at the triangle of 17th-New Hampshire-S Streets NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

April 1 Update: DC Parks and Recreation says that a June ribbon-cutting is scheduled for the opening of this new dog park.

Luis snapped this photo today while walking Lupe. The DC Department of Parks and Recreation is working on the new dog park in East Dupont at the triangle of 17th-New Hampshire and S Streets NW. (Online info and drawings here at DPR Web site.)

I have not heard anything new on the opening date other than “spring.” Anyone know anything more about a specific date?

BTW, what do we call it? Is it the “17th Street Dog Park?”

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What is the economists tell us? Americans need to stop spending so much and save more? But, if we all do it at the same time… in the middle of a bad recession, it only makes things worse? Well, whatever. Lupe and I just got back from the Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW. Dogs are great entertainment–and almost free if you don’t count the ownership expenses.

If you don’t own a dog and are looking for cheap/free stuff to do, the cover story of The Washington Post Weekend section is “Free: 31 Ways to Have Fun in March Without Spending a Dime.”

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With a little luck, Borderstan dog owners will have a second enclosed dog park nearby this spring. (The enclosed Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW has been open for several months.) The city broke ground on Tuesday to turn the triangle park at 17th-S-New Hampshire NW into an official park for dogs. In attendance were D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson (ANC 2B04). Jack Jacobson/Friends of Jack has the story. Dcist also has the story.

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This Borderstan dog is hopeful that an enclosed dog park is coming to S Street in the spring. (Photo by Luis Gomez.)

This Borderstan dog is hopeful that an enclosed dog park is coming to S Street in the spring. (Photo by Luis Gomez.)

Will it happen? Will springtime bring an enclosed, off-the-leash dog park to the S-17th-New Hampshire NW park? Could be. There’s a sign in the park that says improvements are coming to both the S and T Parks with a dog park at S Street. It would join the recently opened Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW. We Love DC has the story about the S Street park.

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This Borderstan dog is excited about the coming dog park at 11th & R Streets NW. (Photo by Luis Gomez.)

This Borderstan dog is excited about the coming dog park at 11th & R Streets NW. (Photo by Luis Gomez.)

Hoooooraaaaay. As a dog owner, this is great news–a new dog park that is a short walk from Borderstan, at 11th and R Streets NW.

I am going to try and find out if the park will be enclosed on all four sides so that we don’t have to worry about our dogs running out into traffic.

This message is from Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans on Logan Circle News on Yahoo! Groups:

I am pleased to announce construction has began on the new dog park near Shaw Jr. High School site – and at my request the project has been expanded to 15,000 square feet. On a walk-thru the community in September, Mayor Adrian Fenty promised the Shaw/Logan neighborhoods this much needed urban amenity, which was originally slated to be 10,000 square feet. Working with the Department of Parks and Recreation, after numerous requests from constituents in these Ward 2 neighborhoods, I asked for and secured the larger area. The dog park which will be located on the soccer fields near 11th & R is eagerly awaited. The park will open in the near future–stay tuned for the ribbon-cutting date and time! – Jack


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