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The current boundaries of PSA 208, which serves the Dupont-Kalorama area. (DC Citizen Atlas)

From Matty Rhoades

MPD has started a series of seven meetings around the city to present new police district and police service area boundaries. Locally, it appears that the Dupont area is in for some changes — the area east of 18th Street and north of Q Street NW will be transferred back to the Third District from Second District.

At present this area is part of Police Service Area (PSA) 208. The most notable part about these new boundaries is that it would split the 17th Street commercial corridor between two districts and two PSAs.

The Third District meeting is Thursday, June 9 at 7 pm. Location is 1620 V Street NW. New police district and Police Service Area boundaries will be presented to the public, according to MPD Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes. “We want all to come out to the 3D CAC meeting tomorrow night to see the changes… 3D will be having changes to their boundaries to balance out the workload,” said Groomes.

According to Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes, a chunk of Police Service Area (PSA) 208 will go back to the Third District. There will likely be an additional PSA in the Dupont-Logan area as well.


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PSA 208 covers the Dupont Circle neighborhood and part of Kalorama Circle. West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is in PSA 208. (Image: MPD Web site.)

The violent crime rate for the first five months of the year in the Dupont-Kalorama area of DC is up 24.7% since 2007, according to statistics from the MPD’s crime database for Police Service Area (PSA) 208.

The most disturbing statistics relate to the rise in robberies and gun crimes. Robberies (with and without a gun) are up 42.8% in two years for the January-May period. Gun crimes (assaults and robberies with a gun) have increased 50% in two years–85% since last year alone.

Property crime is up 6.6% for the January-May reporting period since 2007. Overall, total crime is up 8.5% for the first five months of the year since 2007 in the Dupont-Kalorama neighborhood.

PSA 208 encompasses the Dupont Circle neighborhood and part of the Kalorama Circle area. West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is in PSA 208.

A more detailed analysis and chart are below the fold. (more…)


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